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Mohinder's taxi license

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Mohinder's taxi license
Mohinders license.jpg
Mr. Bennet comments on Mohinder's last name on his taxi license.

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Mohinder

After arriving in New York City, Mohinder Suresh obtains a taxi driver license and a job with the Chelsea Cab Company.



Mohinder has a Vehicle Operations License with number 0258743 registered to the name Mohinder Suresh. The license is valid until 02/30/2007 and bears a photo of Mohinder.

Graphic Novel:Monsters

After seeing Chandra's taxi driver license among his personal effects, Mohinder goes to the Chelsea Cab Company. The boss offers him a job and he accepts.


  • Mr. Bennet comments on Mohinder's last name which he reads off of the license, although previously in the first graphic novel, Mr. Bennet has been shown watching from afar using a camera as Mohinder took the job.
  • According to the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission website, applicants for taxi driver licenses must already hold a valid New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania chauffeur's license, a valid Social Security card, a U.S. photo I.D., and proof of address within the United States.
  • The BBC Two website posts Heroes Evolutions-type content, including changes to an office Mohinder keeps in his apartment. One such change was the addition of Mohinder's taxi license. According to the license on BBC Two, the expiration date is 1/24/2012, and the taxicab number is 5025535.


  • Mohinder's license expires on February 30, 2007. Even in a leap year, February never has more than 29 days.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Mohinder's taxi license for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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