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Mr. Bennet's email

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Mr. Bennet's email
Mr Bennet's email.JPG
Hana reads an email from Mr. Bennet.

First mentioned: Family Man
Current status: Sent by Mr. Bennet, intercepted by Hana.

While in an Odessa coffee shop, Mr. Bennet sends a distress email for Hana to intercept.


Graphic Novel:Family Man

Trying to escape agents of the Company, Mr. Bennet ducks into an Odessa coffee shop and sends an email to Hana, hoping she has forgiven him. The email notes that Mr. Bennet is aware of Hana's role in helping Matt and Ted find Mr. Bennet. He tells Hana he wants to change sides and needs her help to leave the Company. She receives the email while traveling on Route 66, and replies, "I'll do it."

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 1

Hana searches electronic communications while sitting in a loft, and finds the email "target". She reads Mr. Bennet's email, but feels limited when the file (SEA:V5J1K2/P/L) is stored in paper format. Unaware if Mr. Bennet is setting a trap for her or not, she decides to go to the Pentagon to retrieve the needed file--she wants answers, and she is intrigued by the phrase "shut it all down".

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

In a playground, Mr. Bennet tells Hana he wasn't sure if she got his message.

The Email's Text

The email reads:

Parkman and Sprague found me. I know you helped them. I'm changing sides, Hana. I need your help to shut it all down. This file should put you on the right path: SEA:V5J1K2/P/L


  • On March 12th, 2006, Hana posted the email on
  • One version of the email reads, "I'm changing sides. Hana, I need your help..." (War Buddies, Part 1). Another version reads, "I'm changing side, Hana. I need your help..." (Family Man). Finally another version reads, "I'm changing sides, Hana. I need your help..." (Hana's website).


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