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Flight 195's security footage

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Flight 195's security footage

First mentioned: Exposed
Owned by: United States government
Current status: Released to the public

Flight 195's security footage is the video footage from the security camera's in Flight 195's departure site, which shows the plane being loaded with evolved humans.



Inside Building 26, Matt and Peter, with the help of "Rebel" discover footage of evolved humans in orange jumpsuits and black masks being loaded inside Flight 195. Peter copies the files onto his flash drive with the intention of exposing the operation if they don't release Daphne and he and Matt run from the building. Matt gets caught but Peter escapes. He calls his brother threatening to expose them if they don't release Matt and Daphne. After being double-crossed by him, Peter releases the footage to the media. News anchor Brian and correspondent Andrea Charles reveal the footage to the public.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 1

Micah forces cameras to record the footage, but notes that he will have to find a way to retrieve the file later.

Graphic Novel:Rebellion, Part 4

While Peter is downloading the video footage, Rebel is trying at the same time free the Dawson family members.


  • The footage shows the final appearance of any Heroes character being hooded (though Tracy is the final character to be shown hooded in person in Trust and Blood).
  • When shown to the public, the footage includes a hooded Tracy (the hooded prisoner who wears gloves), Hiro (the prisoner in front of Tracy), and Sparrow (the prisoner at the end of the chain gang). Earlier in the episode, Exposed, when Peter finds the footage, a hooded Hiro can be seen (though not Tracy despite the footage using an alternate take of the scene from A Clear and Present Danger where Claire is taken to her transport due to cutting away before that point). It is also possible that the two hooded prisoners that were let out of the van were a hooded Matt and female fugitive due to Nathan being in the same pose he had when examining the prisoners inside the hangar and also because the second prisoners seems to be much closer in height to the one in front of them compared to Hiro (though this could be due to the perspective).
    • The hooded prisoners in the footage shown when Peter is uploading the footage to the flash drive may have been Matt, female fugitive, Mohinder and Peter (in an odd coincidence). Hiro is shown to be a bit shorter than the prisoner in front of him, yet the second prisoner in the footage shown is much closer to the prisoner in front of them's height, much like how Matt's row was in A Clear and Present Danger. Also, the first prisoner (who may have been Matt due to the third prisoner in his row not having gloves unlike Tracy, who is the 3rd prisoner in her row, and that he's seated directly across the hooded prisoner in front of Hiro and Tracy in Flight 195) in the row has their head tilted much like the prisoner first being inspected by Nathan.
  • It's possible in the final part of the footage shown to the public, the hooded prisoner in the back of the left row is Matt. Earlier, it is shown that Sparrow is shorter than the prisoner in front of her, while the prisoner in the back of the other row is much taller than the prisoner in front of them much like how Matt is taller than the female fugitive. It is also possible Matt and the female fugitive were the first two hooded prisoners seen when the footage is revealed to the public. Not only are there no other prisoners shown besides the first one when the shot has Nathan standing in the background, but the second prisoner who was let out of the van is closer in height to the first prisoner unlike Hiro, who while being the second prisoner in his row, is shown to be shorter.
    • It is also possible the two prisoners in front of said prisoner were a hooded Peter and Mohinder as both are directly next to each other and in a different row than Sparrow. Although when Peter breaks free of his restraints on the plane, the still-hooded prisoner seems to be somewhat shorter, it may look like that due to still being seated.
  • While the newswoman wouldn't know it, there is one non-American citizen among the hooded prisoners, albeit only a very small minority.
  • Judging by the footage shown to the public, it seems that Hiro, Tracy and Sparrow were seated on the left side of Flight 195, while Matt, female fugitive, Peter and Mohinder were seated on the right side.

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