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Niki's tape

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Niki's tape
Nikis tape.jpg
Niki reviews the tape, hoping to discover what happened to Linderman's thugs.

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Niki Sanders
Current status: held by Niki Sanders

Niki's tape is a videocassette filmed by the larger of Linderman's thugs.


The video begins with Niki stripping under duress and ends with the picture in static but the audio playing the sounds of Jessica slaughtering the thugs.


Niki Sanders returns to her house, where she is captured by Linderman's thugs. They take her to her garage, the site where she films her strip teases for She's told that she now owes Mr. Linderman $50,000 because she was late with repayments. The thugs coerce her into performing a strip tease for them, and they set up a video camera to tape the event. She refuses and they hit her and she blacks out.

Niki awakens to the sound of an answering machine message from Micah asking to be picked up. As she looks around the room she finds the thugs have been murdered. Noticing the video camera they had set up to record her, she grabs it. Upon looking in the mirror she sees her mirror image, covered in bloodstains even though Niki is not, motioning for her to be silent.

Don't Look Back

After taking the video camera from the bloody scene, Niki locks her garage and leaves, calling Micah from her cell phone and telling him she'll pick him up in five minutes. However, she can't avoid the temptation to watch the tape to see what happened to Linderman's thugs, so she pulls over to do so. The picture goes to static right at the point Niki begins to stand up to the thugs, but the audio continues to play the sounds of the thugs screaming and being mutilated.

Suddenly, Niki wakes up again to the sound of a phone ringing. The camera is back on the seat and her cell phone is in her hand, and she's wearing a different set of clothes. She gets out of the car and she's in a completely different location. When she answers the phone, Micah tells her four hours have passed.


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