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Attempt videos

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Attempt videos
Attempt videos.jpg
Many people post their "attempt videos" on YouTube.

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: Public

Inspired by Claire's reveal of the existence of evolved humans, hundreds of people are inspired to make attempt videos. Many of these videos are actual attempts at the use of their abilities, but some serve simply as a way of "coming out" as an evo.



Zach films Claire jumping off an abandoned refinery. When she lands, she begins to heal. She looks at the camera and says, "I'm Claire Bennet, and that was attempt number six."


When Zach's memory is erased, Claire has him film her jumping off the same abandoned refinery as before. When she lands, she says, "I'm Claire Bennet. As far as you know, that was attempt number one."

The Butterfly Effect

Questioning her own humanity, Claire films herself in front of a railroad track. She says, "My name is Claire Bennet and this is attempt number seven." Her video is interrupted by Peter.

Brave New World

Several news cameras film Claire jumping off a Ferris wheel. When she lands, she begins to heal. She looks at the cameras and says, "I'm Claire Bennet. This is attempt number ... I guess I've kind of lost count."

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 1

Hero Truther shows Claire's jump from the Ferris wheel, explaining that her jump was essentially the revelation of evolved humans to the world. He explains that many others were inspired by her, and then shows others filming their own "attempt videos". These others include Rob Brewer (attempt number 5), Oluwole Adeyemi (attempt number one), Rami Al-Wazzani, Donna (attempt number one), Stephanie Wei, Maria Campos, and Dahlia.

In his apartment, Quentin Frady films his sister Phoebe making her shadow move independently of herself. She looks at the camera and says, "I'm Phoebe Frady, and that's attempt number one."

Heroes Evolutions

The Odessa Report

In a news report called "The Odessa Report" about the upcoming Odessa Unity Summit, several "attempt videos" are shown. A YouTube page for Claire's reveal is also shown with several other "attempt videos" given as recommended videos. These videos include "Disappearing Guy" (Rami Al-Wazzani, attempt number one), "Walk Through Wall" (Dahlia, attempt number 8), "EVO Pyrokinesis" (attempt number 27), "Control Shadows" (Phoebe Frady, attempt number 12), "Hovering Girl" (Donna, attempt number 3), and "Super Speed" (Oluwole Adeyemi).

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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