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The Sylar tape

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The Sylar tape
Sylar tape.jpg
Mohinder discovers an audiocassette labeled "Sylar" in his father's apartment.

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: held by Mohinder Suresh

The Sylar tape is an audio cassette labeled "Sylar" on both sides.



While reconstructing the map in his father's Brooklyn apartment, Mohinder Suresh drops a pushpin. Bending to pick it up, he discovers a tape labeled "Sylar" on both sides.

Don't Look Back

Later, when an answering machine message from Sylar plays, Mohinder tells Eden about the tape, but does not reveal its contents beyond the fact that Chandra believed Sylar was "Patient Zero".


  • In the unaired pilot, the scene involving the tape is expanded, with the tape being played, and revealing a discussion between Chandra and Paul E. Sylar. In the commentary for the unaired pilot, Tim Kring said that Ravi Kapoor provided Chandra's voice before Erick Avari was cast. Incidentally, almost three years later, Ravi was actually cast as the young Chandra Suresh.

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