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Claire's tape

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Claire's tape
Zach reviews Claire's tape.

First mentioned: Genesis
Owned by: Claire Bennet
Current status: destroyed by Claire Bennet; subsequently re-created

Claire's tape, filmed by Zach, documents Claire Bennet and the use of her regenerative powers. After Zach loses his memory, he and Claire recreate the tape. Claire later films yet another tape by herself and, years later, recreates the event in front of news cameras, effectively revealing the existence of evolved humans globally. In fact, hundreds of people would go on to become inspired by Claire's video and make their own "attempt video", even using the exact wording from the original tape made by Zach.



At an abandoned refinery, Zach films Claire's attempts to purposely kill/injure herself. In one clip, Zach films Claire jumping from a platform about 80 feet high, hitting the ground face first, and surviving. She has broken some ribs (protruding through her skin), dislocated her shoulder, and has facial lacerations. She pops her shoulder back into place, as her face heals, and announces to the camera that this was her "sixth attempt," though based on Zach's reaction this is probably the first she's had him tape. She doesn't notice the broken ribs until after Zach points them out. She reinserts them and they heal instantly.

Subsequently Zach records Claire running into the fiery train wreck.

Don't Look Back

Zach tries to talk to Claire all day, eventually catching up to her on the football field. He tells her that the tape which was in his backpack is now missing. It turns up in the hands of Mr. Bennet who doesn't appear too surprised at what he sees.

Nothing to Hide

Zach brings the tape back to Claire, saying that he found it under his bed while looking for his PSP even though he looked there "like fifty times". Lyle Bennet finds it and watches her jump off the structure and get hit by a car. Lyle announces that he's going to put the tape on YouTube and "make, like, a million dollars." After a tense situation, Lyle agrees to give the tape back to Claire.


In the Union Wells locker room, Claire confronts Jackie, saying "You're trying to be me." Claire reveals to Jackie that she knows the newspaper clipping is false, and that Jackie did not rescue anybody from the train wreck — it was Claire. Jackie tries to deny her previous falsehood, but Claire counters: "I have it on tape."


Mr. Bennet tells Claire that he knows about the tape. At his urging, Claire gets the tape from Zach and smashes it with her foot. Later, she discovers that both Lyle and Zach, at the hands of the Haitian, have lost all memory of the tape.


Claire takes a memory-challenged Zach back to the abandoned refinery. She tells him that the first tape they made was for her to show her parents; now she will make a tape for Zach and so she'll never forget what she can do. Claire tells Zach that he is making many of the same comments he made the first time. She climbs to the platform, and Zach reluctantly films her falling. When he approaches, still filming, Claire announces her name and says, "As far as you know, that was attempt number one."

Graphic Novel:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

As Zach and Claire walk home from the abandoned refinery after filming Claire's sixth test of her ability, Elle watches from afar through binoculars and realizes she just missed them. However, she noticed the two looking at a tape and decides to take a new approach to her assignment.

Elle knocks on the front door of Zach's home and he answers, asking Elle who she is. She invites herself in and tells him her name is Cindy--she's in his fourth period English class and he told her he'd let her copy his notes. Zach doesn't recall that ever happening, but Elle ignores him and checks to see if Zach's parents are home. After asking for the tape and submitting to the fact flirting with Zach is futile, she resorts to threatening him with a ball of electricity. Before Elle can use it, Noah comes in and pistol whips Elle, knocking her out.

Noah asks Zach if he's all right, and Zach says he is and thanks Noah for saving his life. Zach asks Noah why his friend is there, and Noah replies by telling Zach he's going to make sure Elle never bothers him again. After that, Noah and the Haitian turn to Zach and Noah asks where the tape Elle was talking about is.

The Butterfly Effect

After she gets attacked by Sylar, Claire no longer feels any pain. She questions her humanity and makes another tape, one that she operates herself. She starts out by saying how she is questioning if she's even human and if she can get killed. She walks onto a railroad track and then announces, "My name is Claire Bennet and this is attempt #7." A train appears, but Peter flies into the shot and gets her out of the way.

Brave New World

No longer wanting to live in the shadows, Claire decides to expose herself to the media. She climbs up a Ferris wheel and jumps off in the same manner as she did in Zach's tape. She even receives the same wounds as she did in the original tape. Claire states her name to the camera and explains that by now she has lost count of what attempt that was.

Heroes Evolutions

Claire's MySpace

In Zach's second comment on Claire's MySpace, Zach apologizes again for losing Claire's tape.

Zach’s MySpace

In Claire’s first comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach if he still has a video camera.

In Claire’s second comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach again if he still have a video camera.

In Claire’s third comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire tells Zach that she would like to borrow his video camera, but she needs help working it.

In Zach’s second MySpace post, “Lost a Mini DV tape”, Zach posts that his mood is worried. He asks his followers if anyone has seen his lost mini DV tape. He says that it is full of special effects and he thinks it could be at school or at the train tracks.

In Claire’s fourth comment on Zach’s MySpace, Claire asks Zach if he is okay because he has acted weird since the train wreck. She also asks if she could borrow the video camera again.

In Zach’s third MySpace post, “Bears Game”, Zach tells his followers that he still has to find that tape.

In Zach’s ninth MySpace post, “Rumors”, Zach admits that he found the missing tape.

In Zach’s tenth MySpace post, “Seriously Freaking Out”, Zach claims that the cheerleaders are hacking into his MySpace account. He blames Claire because she wanted to talk to him on the field. He thinks that it is nice of them to continue to pick on him right after Jackie was murdered. He claims that they have been posting about Claire and some mysterious tape.


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