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Sylar's paintings

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Sylar's paintings
Sylar's paintings.JPG
Sylar paints his first precognitive painting.

Owned by: Sylar
Current status: In Sylar's possession

After Sylar steals Isaac's ability, he paints several paintings.



Sylar kills Isaac and steals his power. Later on, he paints his first precognitive painting, a twisted rendition of The President Stands Alone.

The Hard Part

Sylar has been honing his painting talents with another prophetic image, of himself advancing on Ted Sprague, whose hands are glowing. Seeing this, Sylar puts the puzzle pieces together and figures out that he is the bomb that is set to destroy New York. Later, Sylar accidentally kills his mother, and in a precognitive trance, uses her blood to recreate Isaac's floor mural of the explosion.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

In Isaac's apartment, Sylar goes into a trance and paints him and Peter facing off at Kirby Plaza.

I Am Become Death

At the urging of Peter, Gabriel sees the same future that Peter and Usutu have seen, and paints a picture of the world splitting in half.




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