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Theory:Alejandro's ability

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The following fan theories are about Alejandro's ability.

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Theory Citations Notes
Alejandro's ability is to reverse the effects of other abilities as well as protect Alejandro himself from those other abilities. Alejandro manages to protect himself from the deadly side effects of Maya's ability as well as revive Nidia. (Lizards) So far, he has only been exposed to the effects of Maya's powers. The curandera used her power (if she truly has one) only on Maya, and Alejandro did not exert himself to stop it.
Alejandro has the same ability as his twin sister Maya. We have only seen him reversing the effects of the poison due to the fact he has never really experienced the same rage/emotions as Maya did. He did feel anger towards Sylar but not enough to emit the poison himself. Also his ability could be linked to different emotions. + Maya and Alejandro are twins, so they could have the same genetic make-up when it comes to their ability.
- Alejandro and Maya are fraternal twins, not identical twins, and thus their genetic traits would be no more similar than any other non-twin siblings.

+ Maya learns to use the other side of her power, reversing it. This may mean Alejandro could learn both sides as well, both emit and reverse it. (Truth & Consequences)

- Alejandro appeared to be taking in Maya's poison, as opposed to her withdrawing it herself.

+ If it's the same ability, it would be consistent with the emotional condition of the use of the power. All the times that Maya used her power she was under great stress and angry, Alejandro was calming her down and keeping himself calm, after Maya learn from Sylar to control her power she appears to try to stay calm to negate the effects.
- Alejandro has not been shown to ever emit poison, even when becoming visibly frustrated by Sylar's demands to execute the border patrol.
- In Four Months Ago..., Alejandro seemed to almost die from the poison emission until he reversed it from Maya. On the other hand, whenever Maya uses her own power, she herself is unaffected by it.

+ That could be because Maya herself is invoking the ability. Similar to the way that Peter and Ted don't disintegrate when they begin to explode, but people around them do.
Alejandro has the power to absorb diseases or foreign contaminants like poisons into his body and destroy them with a powerful immune system. Alejandro makes the black tears disappear from Maya and Nidia. (Lizards) + When he uses his ability, the blackness in Maya's tears disappears, leaving clear tears behind. Since Alejandro's eyes blacken, this could mean that the black substance enters his body.

This might only work with Maya's ability.
+ Had the writers strike not happened and Alejandro not being killed, this may be how the Shanti virus could have been cured in the Volume that never was; Exodus.

Alejandro's ability is limited to curing the effects of Maya's ability. None. + Mohinder states that when one sibling has a disease, the antibodies of another sibling can be used to cure it.
+ Mohinder uses his blood to cure Shanti's disease in Molly Walker and the Haitian, but could not cure altered versions of it.

- It is unlikely for someone to evolve with a defense from a specific virus that is otherwise non-existent in the environment.

+ Developing a defense against a specific threat is common. It's called evolution. Since they were twins, Alejandro lived in an dangerous environment for most of his developmental phase. Even if he could not evolve a defense against Maya's ability, he might have developed an immunity.
- If Maya had been poisonous for her entire life, then she would have sparked some very interesting questions. Any extensive medical examination would immediately inform the doctor that his patient was saturated with lethal poison.
Evolution functions by adapting to existing dangers. Instances where evolution provides an organism with protection against a previously unknown threat are the result of random mutations.

- Mohinder was referring to normal diseases, not ones induced by an ability.

Alejandro's ability is simply healing, like Linderman. None. + Several characters this season have shared powers with a previous character (West, Maury, Adam).

- Linderman's eyes did not turn black when he used his healing power.

It's possible that only Maya's ability causes blackness of the eyes.

- Alejandro hasn't been shown to heal anything other than those affected by Maya's ability (through healing Maya).

Alejandro has not had many opportunities to develop his ability. Linderman had over 30 years experience with his.
Alejandro's ability and Maya's ability are the same, but Maya gained the "inflicting" aspect first, just as Alejandro gained the "absorbing" aspect first. None. + Maya was able to develop Alejandro's power after first gaining control over her ability.
Alejandro's only ability is that he is immune to Maya's. It is stopped when he is near because he calms Maya down. None. + When Maya explains to Mohinder how she stops using her ability, she says she just calms down.
- Alejandro seemed to absorb Maya's poison each time he calmed her down, thus stopping her ability.
- When he held Maya's hands, an odd shimmering effect was visible as she calmed down.
+ Odd shimmering effects do not imply that abilities are being used.
Alejandro's ability is a weaker form of Arthur's power absorption. None. + Alejandro's ability seems to require physical contact.

+ After taking Maya's ability, Arthur explains "I take it all. I leave nothing behind." This implies the possibility of "leaving something behind" that he could, but does not do. Alejandro may be using the same ability, but he does not know how to "take it all" or really understand his ability at all.
+ When Arthur absorbs Maya's ability, the effect is similar to Alejandro's ability (such as his eyes darkening) but the reaction is much more intense.

- His eyes darkened because he was showing Mohinder he had Maya's ability.
+ The glowing after-images which power absorption produces (shown here and here) would have been quite enough evidence.
- That can be an indication for the audience something is happening, it could be similar to Linda's aura absorption, she's the only one who can see the auras, but GN readers see them because the story is told from her perspective.

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