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The Company

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The Company
Chandra chennai bennets glasses.jpg
Location: Odessa, TX; New York, NY; Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Locating and tracking evolved humans
First appearance Genesis
Known leaders: Daniel Linderman (deceased),
Bob Bishop (deceased),
Angela Petrelli,
Kaito Nakamura (deceased),
Gael Cruz (deceased),
Ivan Spektor (deceased),
Thompson (deceased),
et al.
Known members: Noah Bennet,
The Haitian,
Eden McCain (deceased),
Candice Willmer (deceased),
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Sylar (formerly)
Meredith Gordon (formerly, deceased)
et al.
Affiliated sites: Primatech Paper Co., New York facility, Primatech Research, Isaac's loft, et al.
Equipment used: Guns, Pneumatic syringe, Tasers, Tracking systems, et al.

The Company, also referred to by its cover name Primatech, is a clandestine organization that has an interest in locating and tracking evolved humans. The original purpose of the Company was to prevent the existence of evolved humans from becoming public knowledge and to make sure the past was never repeated. Some time after Claire Bennet revealed the existence of evolved humans to the world, Primatech was taken over by Renautas.


The Company was founded in 1977 by a group of twelve individuals. It uses cover companies (e.g. Primatech Paper Co), to conceal their illicit operations, or provided support or resources for whatever reason. The standard operating protocol involves Company agents to locate and track evolved humans, letting some go but keeping the ones they deem dangerous locked away, or even killing those who are deemed too great a risk.

The Company has two main tracking systems. One division marks people with special abilities with an isotope which can be later used by a satellite to track and find them (though this satellite has now been destroyed). In certain cases, this division also trains those individuals to assist the Company. The second "system" was a girl named Molly Walker who has an innate ability to find people, but she has now left the Company. Mr. Bennet's superior, Thompson, took orders from Daniel Linderman, who, along with Angela Petrelli and others, had been planning the events surrounding the explosion for an extended period of time.

Since Linderman's death or even before, Bob Bishop has been running the operations of the Company. Due to Bob's ability, the Company is not stressed with financial concerns. Among other items, agents are known to have access to standard-issue clothing, guns, night vision goggles, tasers, and transportation. In addition, each agent receives a Company expense account to purchase other non-Company items.

Besides field agents, the Company also employs internal affairs agents, scientists and doctors. At Primatech Research, Donna Dunlap worked for a time in internal affairs. While performing an investigation, she used the services of a research library, medical examiner, chemical analyst, and ballistics.

Chain of Command


Other High-Ranking Officials


Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see The Company: Season One History.

The Company works to study and tag evolved humans. Mr. Bennet, a regional manager who runs a company facility in Odessa, TX, studies new cases, looks into the research of the recently deceased Chandra Suresh, and attempts to stop the evolved serial killer Sylar--while at the same time attempting to defy the Company by protecting his own adopted daughter from them. His assistant, a seemingly mute Haitian, reveals that he is also trying to protect Claire. Another agent, Eden McCain, comes to reject the Company's mission, and in the end sacrifices herself to stop Sylar from gaining her ability. Isaac Mendez, a precognitive artist, works with the Company. He attempts to stop Peter Petrelli, whom Isaac believes will cause a explosion in New York City, but is eventually killed by Sylar.

Three of the Company's former victims--Ted Sprague, Matt Parkman, and Hana Gitelman--team up to find answers. After discovering that the mark they all bear is a tracking device, they confront Bennet and inadvertently expose his efforts to conceal Claire from his employers, leading him to leave the Company and team up with them. Meanwhile, Bennet's former boss, Thompson, enlists the assistance of Chandra's son Mohinder to cure Molly Walker, an evolved human the Company uses as yet another tracking system.

Matt discovers that Mr. Linderman is funding the Company. Thompson and Candice Willmer, another powered agent, work closely with Linderman to ensure Nathan Petrelli's election by kidnapping Micah Sanders. Linderman hopes to use a pending explosion to unite the country behind Nathan.

D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders confront Linderman, who shoots D.L. only to be slain by him seconds later, then Niki rescues their son Micah from Candice. Bennet kills Thompson as he and Matt Parkman search for Molly Walker. Meanwhile, Hana Gitelman destroys the other tracking system, a satellite in space.

Sylar confronts Peter outside the Company's Kirby Plaza facility and causes Peter's induced radioactivity to become unstable. Sylar is stabbed by Hiro and disappears into the sewers. Nathan Petrelli flies his brother Peter into the sky, preventing the explosion from destroying NYC.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see The Company: Season Two History.

The Company is now run by Bob, who approaches Mohinder after a speech to offer him a job with the Company. After demonstrating his ability, Mohinder agrees to help further research the Shanti virus that affects evolved humans. Bob assigns Mohinder to go find the Haitian and cure him of the virus using his blood's antibodies, then bring him back. However, Mohinder forgets ever leaving New York, and Bob realizes that Mohinder's cure works. Mohinder later arrives at Isaac's loft, where Bob tells Mohinder that this is his lab. Mohinder is later sent to bring in Monica and observe her ability. Bob asks Mohinder to inject her with a strain of the virus that should negate her abilities without killing her, but Mohinder objects. Bob apologizes, then assigns Niki as Mohinder's partner.

After various Company founders are killed, Nathan and Matt go to Primatech Research to warn Bob, and the three, Mohinder and Niki devise a plan to stop Maury, who has targeted Bob. Maury turns Niki against Bob and Mohinder, but she stops herself by injecting herself with the virus. Matt stops Maury and saves Molly from Maury, rendering Maury unconscious and in Company supervision. Bob shows Company surveillance of Peter, which shows Nathan that Peter survived the explosion. Bob suggests to Mohinder that they use Claire's blood to help save Niki from the virus by combining her regenerative blood with his antibodies. Mohinder admits to Bob that he is plotting with Noah to stop the Company, and Bob gives him a weapon.

Four months prior, Bob and Elle take in Peter after the explosion. Using power negation pills, they keep him in a cell to protect others. His cell is next to Adam's cell, and the two talk. Adam convinces Peter to stop taking the pills and use his ability to help the two escape and save Nathan, who is in the hospital after the explosion. After injecting Nathan with Adam's regenerative blood, Adam and Peter are tracked down by Elle and the Haitian. Adam escapes, but the Haitian erases Peter's memory and locks him in a shipping container.

Mohinder is partnered with Elle and the two are assigned to kill Noah. Meanwhile, Bob attempts to capture Claire for her regenerative blood. Noah and West knock out Mohinder and capture Elle, then arrange a switch for Claire. After taking Claire's blood, Bob and Mohinder bring Claire to Noah and West, while Elle is returned to her father. Noah is shot in the eye, while Claire and West escape.

Noah is revived with Claire's blood, and is kept in a Company cell. Elle is given the task of watching Claire, but is caught by Claire. She threatens to expose the Company, but is discouraged by Noah, who Claire thought was dead. Meanwhile, Mohinder uses his blood's antibodies and Claire's regenerative blood to create a cure for the virus. He goes to save Niki, but receives a call from Sylar, who is with Molly. Mohinder goes to his apartment, and Sylar holds Mohinder, Molly and Maya hostage until he is cured. Mohinder finds that Sylar was infected with the same strain of the virus as Niki, and steals the cure from Mohinder before Elle can stop him.

After getting the location of Strain 138 from Victoria Pratt, Adam and Peter infiltrate the Company's Odessa facility, beating up the Company guards and Adam retrieves the virus and tries to release it as Hiro teleports him away. In time, Nathan convinces Peter of the truth and he stops the virus and destroys it.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see The Company: Season Three History.

Sylar steals Noah Bennet's old files on the prisoners kept on Level 5 of Primatech Research. He comes to Primatech to steal the prisoners' powers, and kills Bob. Elle lets Noah out of his Level 5 cell to fight Sylar. On Level 5, Sylar tries to kill Elle, who explodes with electricity, knocking out Sylar and the Level 5 security system. A dozen prisoners escape. Angela takes control of the Company from Bob and fires Elle for causing the escape. Angela tells Sylar, who has been captured, that she is his mother, so she can use him to recapture the escapees. She hands agent Bridget Bailey over to Sylar so he can steal her ability of clairsentience.

Noah returns to the Company in order to recapture the escapees. Sylar is assigned as his partner, as the Haitian is busy. Noah and Sylar go to a bank robbery involving some of the escapees. Sylar gives in and kills escapee Jesse Murphy, Knox escapes, and Flint is recaptured. Sylar is kept in his cell when he is not out to recapture escapees.

The Haitian attempts to transport Angela's half of the formula, which is stolen with Ando's incidental assistance. The Haitian captures Ando and Hiro, and blocks Hiro's power so he cannot escape. Hiro nearly gets away, when the Haitian walks in and takes them to see Angela. Angela sends Hiro to dig up Adam Monroe, as he may know about the people that stole the formula.

With the hunger, Peter enters Sylar's cell and fights Sylar. Angela enters and is attacked by Peter. Sylar knocks Peter out, and he is kept unconscious with drugs. Angela tells Nathan and Tracy that the Company gave synthetic powers to them and Tracy's sisters. Arthur Petrelli appears to Angela in a dream and prevents her from moving. Daphne penetrates Level 5 and frees and attempts to recruit Flint and Sylar. Flint accepts. Sylar finds Angela unconscious, and wakes up Peter who sees the Pinehearst logo in Angela's mind. Peter defeats Sylar and hooks him up to the same drugs that kept Peter unconscious, then goes to Pinehearst. Angela enters Sylar's dream and tells him and encourages him to wake up and save Peter.

Matt and Daphne turn to the Company to help fight Pinehearst. Matt enters Angela's mind in an attempt to wake her up. So does Arthur, as Daphne tipped him off. Angela plays into Arthur's heart and convinces him to release her. Angela then discusses the formula with Matt, Daphne, Nathan, Peter, and Claire. Claire realizes that she is the catalyst, the missing part of the formula. Angela sends Matt to get Hiro, Nathan to get the Haitian, and Noah and Claire to hide. Peter and Nathan succeed in getting the Haitian, but after seeing Baron Samedi, Nathan decides to defect to Pinehearst.

Sixteen years earlier, Kaito Nakamura gives Claire to Noah to raise. Kaito then attempts to take Claire back temporarily so the catalyst can be hidden in her. Present-day Claire tells Noah not to answer the Company's phone call, while present-day Hiro has Ishi give him the catalyst.

In the present, Angela sends Peter and the Haitian to kill Arthur. Though Peter nearly succeeds, it is Sylar who finishes the job after learning that Arthur is not his father. Having found out the truth, Sylar raids Primatech Research, and traps Angela, Noah, Claire, and Meredith inside. Sylar pumps up Meredith's ability with adrenaline causing a fire that burns the building down. The Company is shut down. At the same time, Peter, with the help of Flint and Knox, destroys Pinehearst and the formula. The Building 26 operation uses the Company's old files for reference.

In 1961, Charles, Linderman, Bob, and Angela sneak away from the camp at Coyote Sands. While they are gone, nearly everyone at the camp is killed. The four start a group, the Company, with the purpose of keeping abilities a secret. In the present, Angela, Nathan, Peter, Claire, and Noah decide to start a new Company for the same purpose. Sylar, disguised as believing he is Nathan, talks to the President about the new Company. The President gives the Company funding and secrecy, and Sylar asks for Noah to be put in charge of the Company.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see The Company: Season Four History.

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Heroes Evolutions

Brave New World

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Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Trevor Mason says he used to work for Primatech, capturing and studying evos. However, he found their methods antiquated and barbaric, so he left Primatech to build the Quarry.


"The Company was formed thirty years ago with a group of like-minded individuals, ordinary men and women who were gifted with extraordinary powers. They wanted to help their own -- to find them and to protect them. We find people, and we make sure they don't become dangerous. Now sometimes that can mean making sure they understand entirely what they're capable of and teaching them to use their abilities for the good of mankind ... and sometimes it can mean eliminating them."

- Bob (to Mohinder) (Four Months Later...)


  • Referencing the Company, Mohinder tells Thompson, "As far as I can tell, you're all a bunch of untrustworthy goondas" (The Hard Part). Goonda is a Hindi word meaning "a member of a crime gang or a thug".
  • According to the Heroes Interactive for Kindred, the Company is often referred to as the Company 2.0 by the writing staff.
  • According to a Q&A on with executive producer Jesse Alexander, the Company is not associated with or known about by any branch or agency of the U.S. Government.
  • The Company's leadership has changed multiple times. Daniel Linderman appears to have been in control from sometime before the series began until he was killed on November 7, 2006. Sometime later, Bob Bishop took control of the Company and ran it until his own death on March 21, 2007. Angela Petrelli took control the same day and became the final leader of the Company. All three were founding members of the Company, and present just prior to the massacre at Coyote Sands.

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