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User:Catalyst/My Patroller Nominations

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User Name My Reasons
The Hunter.jpg Danko Incredibly polite to everyone, and understand/knows the riles of this wiki.
Eclipse events.jpg The Chronicles Brothers Joshuakorolenko and his brother AJ have been a great help to Heroes Wiki. They keep pages
updated when new episodes etc. are released, kind to everyone, and try to find new lead
images for characters.
Blankperson.jpg Josh Every edit I see him make seems as if he is patrolling it. He watches to see if an edit is right,
and if it is not, he reverts. He appears to know a lot about Heroes and does know the rules
among this wiki.
Milo y Zach.jpg PJDEP Has caught on to the rules on this wiki impressively quickly, creates pages needed for better
quality of the site, and constantly has good thoughts over the debates on the discussion
pages to improve Heroes Wiki. When he finds that a user has made a mistake, he fixes it
himself, and asks politely as he should, for the users to be sure they follow the rules in the

Eclipse.gif My Patroller Nominations is part of a series of pages created by Catalyst edit

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