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Olga Tscherkasov
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance So You Think You Can Fly
In-story stats
Known ability Terrakinesis
Formal name Olga Tscherkasov
Nickname Gaia
Home Anchorage, AK,
Austin, TX (formerly),
Hiroshima, Japan (formerly),
Harbin, China (formerly),
Vladivostok, Russia (formerly)
Residence Alaskan facility
Occupation Founder of the Company
Significant others Rod (formerly),
Martin Gray (formerly)
Child Zan Hahn (adopted)
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Olga Tscherkasov is a founder of the Company, and she is a Russian. She is still missing after she left Vladivostok in 2003. She is an evolved human with the ability to manipulate and control geologic materials.

Character History

Another Tragedy in 1961

So You Think You Can Fly?

Cultural Revolution

Amman from USA

"Lightning girl"

I Am Gaia, Right?

We Aren't Afraid of KGB

Last Trip to Russia

Evolved Human Abilities

Olga has the ability of terrakinesis. According to herself, she can cause a Richter magnitude 7.0 earthquake.


  • Olga's father were murdered by the USSR Government in 1961, and her mother died in birth of Olga. She is raised by her uncle, Boris.
  • Zan Hahn's parents were good friends of Olga, and they were killed by KGB. They can fly and foresee the future through painting.
  • Olga was found missing in 2003, after she left Vladivostok. Her situation is still unknown. Clairvoyant said that her mind power was somehow blocked outside a large area in Siberia, where Olga or Olga's body might be.