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The Company
Company's founders.jpg
A photo of 12 members in 1990 after they defeated Dark Knight
Purpose: To save the world
Protect evolved humans
First mentioned: Four Months Later...,
Known leader: Not selected yet
Known members: Claire Bennet,
Noah Bennet,
Ando Masahashi,
Leona Mills,
Rachel Mills,
Hiro Nakamura,
Matt Parkman,
Angela Petrelli,
Nathan Petrelli (deceased),
Peter Petrelli,
Mohinder Suresh
Affiliated sites: New York City, NY (currently American Headquarters),
Berlin, Germany (European Headquarters),
Tokyo, Japan (Asian Headquarters)

A group of 26 people founded the Company and once worked together to find evolved humans. They are some people with extraordinary abilities and some people who don't have power but hope to help. After the destruction of Pinehearst and Primatech, the Company was shut down by Angela Petrelli.

Angela, Peter, Nathan, Noah and Claire decided to start the Company all over again, in order to prevent the tragedy in 1961 would happen again, but now the new company has not yet be founded. Millses, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder and Matt join this group too.

(This is the data from SkyNet's intelligence agency.)

Who & Where Are The Founders?

First foundation

Name Ability Last location D/A?
Amman, Susan Forcefields Miami, FL Deceased
(Cause of Death: Disease)
Bishop, Robert Alchemy Hartsdale, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Chobham, Tracy Space-time manipulation Frostburg, MD Alive
Dawson, Charlotte Animal control New Orleans, LA Deceased
(Cause of Death: Disaster)
Deveaux, Charles Telepathy New York, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Disease)
Drucker, Richard Digital communication Paro, Bhutan Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Fletcher, Harry Agony and paralysis New York, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Gracia, Elle Electric manipulation Portland, OR Deceased
(Cause of Death: Accident)
Gramble, Paula Movement suspension Philadelphia, PA Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Gray, Martin Shadow mimicry
Baltimore, MD Alive
Gray, Samson Intuitive aptitude Samson Gray's trailer Alive
Hawkins, George Creativity Ottawa, Canada Deceased
(Cause of Death: Disease)
Linderman, Daniel Healing touch New York, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Mendez, Carlos Pyrokinesis London, England Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Mills, Leona Age transferal Lyneboro, CT Alive
Monroe, Adam Rapid cell regeneration Fort Lee, NJ Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Nakamura, Katio Accelerated probability New York, NY Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Parkman, Maury Telepathy Fort Lee, NJ Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Petrelli, Angela Precognitive dreaming New York, NY Alive
Petrelli, Arthur Ability manipulation Fort Lee, NJ Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Pratt, Victoria None Searsmont, ME Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Tscherkasov, Olga Terrakinesis Vladivostok, Russia Unknown
Shekhar, Nirand Invisibility Madras, India Alive
Walker, Jonathan Sedation Detroit, MI Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Zan Hahn Aerokinesis Hong Kong, China Alive
Zimmerman, Samantha Body insertion Berlin, Germany Alive
Deceased (Exposed future)
(Cause of Death: Murder)

Second foundation

Name Ability Last location D/A?
Bennet, Claire Rapid cell regeneration Sullivan Bros. Carnival Alive
Bennet, Noah None Sullivan Bros. Carnival Alive
Masahashi, Ando Ability supercharging Washington, DC Alive
Mills, Leona Age transferal Lyneboro, CT Alive
Mills, Rachel Teleportation Lyneboro, CT Alive
Nakamura, Hiro Space-time manipulation Washington, DC Alive
Parkman, Matt Sr. Telepathy Los Angeles, CA Alive
Petrelli, Angela Precognitive dreaming New York City, NY Alive
Petrelli, Nathan Flight Washington, DC Deceased
(Cause of Death: Murder)
Petrelli, Peter Ability replication Los Angeles, CA Alive
Suresh, Mohinder Enhanced strength Chennai, India Alive

Chairperson of The Company

Affiliated companies

High-Ranking Officials


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