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The penultimate episode of Visions Of Earth has been released!

Visions of Earth
Visions of Earth.JPG

Current status: In production

Visions of Earth is a fan-fiction based on Heroes. It is written by Leckie and Danko.


Volume One: Starting Out

Volume One will consist of ten episodes.


Connor Beach - A college student with a wet ability.
Ewan Hopkins - A back worker who can remember all of his clients details.
Tamir Johnson - A fortune teller who can actually see the future.
Ed Jones - A boy who has a metallic power.
Jake Leckie - A man who can learn how things work.
Embry Moyes - A college student who can create and manipulate fire.
Aaron Parsons - A government official who has a blustery power.
Rosie Pratt - A young girl who loves her ability.
Minerva Young - A teenager who can move the earth.


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