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Thomas Swift
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance My Father, Your Father, Our Father
In-story stats
Known ability Cryokinesis (freezing) and super-speed
Formal name Thomas Swift
Alias Can'tCatchMe49
Nicknames Thomas, Dad
Age 49
Date of birth December 24, 1957
Place of birth Chicago, IL
Home Odessa, TX
Residence the Swifts' house
Occupations criminal, former college professor
Significant other Rebecca Lowne (divorced)
Parents Tyler Swift (father), Elizabeth Cals (mother)
Grandparents Timothy Swift (grandfather), Lucy Swift (grandmother)
Children Fredrick Swift (oldest son), Catherine "Carrie" Swift (middle daughter), Tobias "Jack" Swift (youngest son)
Sibling Rose Swift (twin sister)
Other relatives Tomas "Tommy" Swift (uncle)

Character History

Broken Memories

Thomas is mentioned by Jack and is the robber who attacked a few convenience stores on August 15, 2003. In a newspaper article that Jack reads, Thomas is said to have used his powers to run through the stores and when the store owners tried to call the police, Thomas froze their telephones.



Thomas is the only person to actually call Jack by his formal name (Tobias) on a regular occasion.

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Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Characters: Jack Swift, Kyle Stevens, Fredrick Swift, Carrie Swift, Thomas Swift, Julien Curtis

Episodes: Broken Memories, Claire Bennet, My Father, Your Father, Our Father, Taken Aboard, Traitor

Groups: The Eight

Side Stories: Making Amends and Healing Wounds, Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies