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Jack Swift
Portrayed by Unknown
First appearance Broken Memories
In-story stats
Known abilities Pyrokinesis, Rapid Cell Regeneration, and Power Accessibility
Formal name Tobias Swift
Aliases TJS622PYROREGEN, Tobias Petrelli (unknown future), Pysche Pyralis, The Blue Light
Nickname Jack
Age 15
Date of birth June 22, 1990
Place of birth Midland, TX
Home Odessa, TX
Residence The Swifts' house
Occupation High School Student
Significant other Claire Bennet
Parents Thomas Swift (father), Rebecca Lowne (mother)
Grandparents Tyler Swift (grandfather), Elizabeth Cals (grandmother)
Siblings Fredrick Swift (older brother), Catherine "Carrie" Swift (older sister)
Other relatives Rose Swift (aunt), John Curtis (uncle), Julien Curtis (cousin)


Tobias "Jack" Swift was born on June 22, 1990 to Thomas and Rebecca Swift. As the youngest, Jack always feels as if he is being over-shadowed by his older siblings and becomes moody whenever somebody mentions how Fredrick and Carrie came into their abilities before him.

Character History

Evolved Human

Pyrokinesis: Jack can create fire from his hands and with years of practice, he has made his flames turn blue, signifying the extreme temperature of the flames.

Rapid Cell Regeneration: Jack cannot be hurt or die. It is unknown if he can survive decapitation or brain removal.

Power Accessibility: This ability allows Jack to have access to every ability known to man. His eyes turn blank like the precognition ability. A disadvantage of this powerful ability is that the more Jack uses his Power Accessibility, the more of his goodness is ripped away.

Memorable Quotes

"Didn't you start manifesting at 9 or something? I manifested at..."

"6, Carrie. And that's a still sore spot for me."

"I know. It's fun irritating you."

- Carrie, Jack (My Brother, My Demonic Brother)

"Hey, look! It's the serial killer!"

"Shut up. Shouldn't you be at your house? In Odessa?"

"Yeah, but the Petrellis offered to throw me a party for the fun of it."

"By the Petrellis, do you mean Peter, Nathan, and Claire or the whole Petrelli family?"

"Peter, Nathan, and Claire. Angela still doesn't like me."

"Too powerful?"

"Nah. Too young and stupid."

- Jack, Gabriel Gray (My Brother, My Demonic Brother)




Jack demonstrates his hot ability.

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