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Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies

Rachel Mills gets shot in the shoulder.

Series - Heroes: TCS

Side Story #2

This takes place between PART TWO and PART THREE of Heroes: TCS.


Julien Curtis walked from his house to the Main Street in Lyneboro, CT. There were kids playing at the playground and families eating at the picnic grounds. He smiled at the little kids running around, yelling. Julien walked on and accidentally collided with a brown-haired young woman. He helped the young woman up and started apologizing, but stopped when he saw who it was: Rachel Mills. Julien backed away in fear as Rachel tried to explain, "Julien, I'm not part of Building 26 anymore. I'm not going to hurt you." He shook his head, "No. You're lying." He turned and ran into the trees surrounding the picnic grounds. Julien heard fast footsteps behind him, signaling that Rachel was chasing him, and quickened his pace.

Julien glanced over his shoulder and saw that Rachel was a few yards behind him. He ran even faster, until he heard a SNAP! behind him and felt Rachel tackle him over. Rachel pinned Julien's arms to the ground and hissed in his ear, "Julien, listen to me. I'm not after you." Julien grunted, "Let me go, Mills." She stood up and crossed her arms, "Believe me now? If I was still a Building 26 agent, I would have tranquilized you." Julien pulled himself and lowered his head, "Sorry, I doubted you. Anyway, why are you here?" "I live here." "Oh, small world." Rachel stared at him, "You in some kind of trouble?" "No, I go to college here. Um, how did you tackle me over when you were that far behind me?" Her eyes widened and she shifted uncomfortably, "I'm..uh..I'm a fast runner." "Yeah, right. I doubt that." Julien tuned into Rachel's emotions and felt that she was worried and afraid, "Rachel, you're afraid? Never knew the almighty Building 26 agent could be afraid of an Empath." "I'm not afraid of you. I....I have an ability." she muttered and continued, "I was looking for an evolved human. There's some news going around that a rebellion is being created to fight Building 26." "I thought REBEL was in charge of that?" Julien asked, confused. "Yeah, but he has his own problems to deal with. This rebellion is like a substitute for REBEL. When REBEL isn't there, this rebellion is." Rachel said. "You know all this from a piece of news about Building 26?" "Yup. Come on, Julien. We'll talk more at Mable's Diner." Rachel walked off with Julien following close behind.

Julien and Rachel were sitting in Mable's Diner, chatting casually. Julien took a sip of his coffee and sighed, "Got anymore on this rebellion, Rach?" "Uh..we're on nickname basis now? Whatever. I don't know much else about the rebellion. I don't even know if they have a name." There were two beeps as both Julien's and Rachel's phone received the same text message.

They are near. Run. Get out of Mable's Diner. Building 26 agents are sitting in a few of the booths around you. You must not let them catch you this time. They will torture you for escaping them the first time. - the rebellion

P.S. A similar message has been sent to other evolved humans on the run. You might meet them. If you do, get them to come with you. We will meet up with you soon.

Rachel looked at Julien and yanked him out of his seat. He was dragged out of Mable's Diner to an alleyway, "Rach, slow down!" She stopped and whispered loudly, "How did they find me? I never told anyone where I was! Damn it." She put her hand on Julien's shoulder and disappeared in a bright blue flash. A few seconds later, Building 26 agents stormed the alleyway. "They must have gotten a tip from REBEL or someone else. They aren't that intelligent to predict our movements." the leader said to the rest of his squad.

They landed in a empty house with a loud THUD! "Where are we?" Julien stood up and dusted himself off, waiting for Rachel's reply. "Empty house. I'll go outside to see if there are any Building 26 agents." She opened the door and peeked out for a minute. Julien received a text message, instantly.

Don't let her go out. They are surrounding the house. Save her. - the rebellion

Julien's eyes widened and he moved to pull Rachel back inside. Too late. There was the sound of a gun being fired and Rachel fell back with a bullet hole in her shoulder. He grabbed Rachel and she teleported both of them away from the incoming soldiers. Julien payed no attention to his surroundings and instead looked at his new text message.

Don't worry. We have a few members coming to help you. - the rebellion

Julien took notice of his surroundings and saw that Rachel had teleported them into a alleyway, "Rachel, what city are we in?" "I think Costa Verde..or maybe it's Sacramento." she said, wincing from her shoulder wound. Julien glanced at his cell phone again and read over the text message. He made his mind and stood up, "You can wait for the rebellion members to help you. I'm leaving." Rachel stared at him, "You can't join Building 26. They'll kill you!" "No, they won't. I can help them." he said, shaking his head. The ex-Marine reached over and slapped Julien in the head, "You need some sense smacked into you. You're not evil, Julien!" He shook his head, "Maybe. Maybe not." He struck out with his fist and knocked Rachel out. Julien walked away, his hands in his pocket.

Rachel woke up in the same alleyway several hours later, her head hurting. She glanced at her shoulder, surprised to see it bandaged up. Rachel slowly stood up and noticed a large graffiti on the wall that wasn't there a few hours ago.

The Group

You Aren't Alone, Rachel

"How nice. You could have provided me with some help, too." she muttered and walked out of the alleyway, looking for shelter. She noticed Sam's Comics around the corner and entered, ignoring the various looks she was getting from some of the customers. Rachel approached Vic and asked, "Where's Claire?" "I think she moved to Odessa, Texas or something." Rachel swore and left the store, coldly glaring at one of the customers who was eyeing her. She walked down the streets of Costa Verde, intent on staying away from Building 26.

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