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Heroes: The Color Spectrum
The Gathering of the Heroes


Heroes: The Color Spectrum is what my view of Volume 4 is with a little changes and my own characters. In here, everything that happened in the past 3 Volumes only happened in a few months. The year is 2006. And Claire is 15 and has moved back to Odessa. There are 5 parts in the whole series.


Broken Memories

Tobias "Jack" Swift and his mother move out of their Midland home and settle down in Odessa. Jack looks at the newspaper articles that show the "deaths" of his brother and sister and the crime his father committed when he left the Swift family.

Claire Bennet

Jack meets Claire Bennet and they discuss their "gifts".

My Father, Your Father, Our Father

Jack sees his father and sister in the park and his old feelings of hatred towards his dad re-surface. Carrie tries to convince Jack that Thomas is still their father. It is revealed that when Carrie went missing in 2005, she was really kidnapped by her own father.

Taken Aboard

15 evolved humans are put on a plane, which crashes in an unknown location.


Jack turns temporarily evil and discovers his third ability.


Side Stories

There are two side stories for the time being.

The first side story is named Making Amends and Healing Wounds. It is about Rachel Mills trying to make amends for her past as a Building 26 agent. This takes place before Heroes: TCS starts.

The second side story is named Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies or SRaDE for short. The side story explains how Rachel Mills was captured and sent to Phoenix, AZ at the beginning of PART THREE. It takes place between PART TWO and PART THREE.

Memorable Quotes

"Who are these people?"

"My criminal dad, my presumed dead brother, and my accident-prone sister, but I know they aren't dead even though the media says no one can survive drowning in a lake and getting rammed by a huge truck!"

- Claire, Jack (Claire Bennet)



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Series - Heroes: The Color Spectrum

Characters: Jack Swift, Kyle Stevens, Fredrick Swift, Carrie Swift, Thomas Swift, Julien Curtis

Episodes: Broken Memories, Claire Bennet, My Father, Your Father, Our Father, Taken Aboard, Traitor

Groups: The Eight

Side Stories: Making Amends and Healing Wounds, Silent Rebellions and Dark Enemies