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The list is a list of 36 names of evolved humans as identified by Chandra Suresh. Ever since the passing of Dr. Suresh, certain details about these individuals have come to light resulting in new information becoming available about them.

The List

Name Ability Location Aliases
Felipe Acerra Phasing 180 Normandie St. "Samir Mellouk"
D.L. Hawkins (deceased) Phasing Las Vegas, NV
Byron Bevington Precognition Marshfield, VT
Niki Sanders (deceased) Enhanced strength Las Vegas, NV
Daniel Buzzetti Sound absorption Greely, CO
Isaac Mendez (deceased) Precognition New York, NY
Tracy Chobham Teleportation 4 Pear Lane, Frostburg, MD
Nicholas Datre (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Paula Gramble (deceased) Unknown Monteith, IA
Curtis Hovsepian Aerokinesis Grant Pass, OR
Nathan Petrelli Flight New York, NY
Noel Menzies (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Penkala Burton Body insertion 12 Marshy Lane, Albert Lea, MN
Teresa Hue Pham Unknown Shreveport, LA
Matt Parkman Telepathy Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation Tokyo, Japan
Charlie Andrews (deceased) Enhanced memory Unknown
David Berman Telekinesis New York, NY "Brian Davis"
Leonie Pinkham (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Adam Soo Hoo Unknown Kailua, HI
Linda Tavara (deceased) Aura absorption Unknown
Norman Ventris Invisibility New York, NY "Claude Rains"
Sparrow Redhouse Terrakinesis Albuquerque, NM
Amid Halebi Induced radioactivity Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Valcek Unknown Saginaw, MI "Michelle Valcan"
Candice Willmer (deceased) Illusion Clayton, NY "Betty", "Mallory", "Michelle"
Harry Fletcher (deceased) Unknown New York, NY
Ethan Kimball Inedia Unknown
Abu Aswan Levitation 1428 Sabah, N Ave. Cairo, Egypt
Frank Cavanaugh (deceased) Unknown Unknown
Diego Vela Astral projection Unknown
Jess Murphy (deceased) Earthquake stomp Las Vegas, NV
Sue Landers (deceased) Lie detection Unknown
Pam Green Unknown Unknown "Pan Green"