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Hiro is an evolved human who has the ability to bend space and time.

The following articles are related to the evolved human Hiro Nakamura:



Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Recurring Characters

  • Charlie Andrews -- the girl that Hiro falls in love with only to have her killed by Sylar

Minor Characters




  • 9th Wonders! Issue #14 -- a comic book writen and drawn by Isaac Mendez that Hiro discovers himself in issue #14
  • Ando's sword -- Hiro used to stab Sylar
  • Hiro and the Dinosaur painting--delivered to Mr. Linderman to gain access to Linderman's archives
  • Nissan Versa--rented by Hiro and Ando at LAX
  • Kensei sword--once believed by Hiro to focus his powers; stolen from the Linderman archives


  • Explosion -- the event that destroys NYC on November 8, 2006 and Hiro witnessed when he first traveled into the future
  • Future Hiro's message -- the message explosion future Hiro gives Peter: "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" (Hiros)

Heroes Evolutions



  • DC Comics -- Hiro is a fan of Superman and owned Action Comics Issue #1
  • Origami -- the Japanese art of paper folding that Hiro has skills
  • Star Trek -- a science fiction television and film franchise that Hiro is a fan of
  • Yatta! -- Hiro's favorite exclamation, a Japanese term that is short for "yarimashita", which translates to "(I/We) did it!"

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