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iStory:The Agent/chapter 407 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 7 of The Agent.

All cases (I)

REBEL and Danko have both mysteriously gone off the grid. Building 26 agents find Jason Pierce's body in a dumpster behind his apartment and note that he had been shot to death. Within hours, they make their way to Rachel's door. Rachel lies and tells them that they made it back to the city okay, and that she last saw him when she dropped him off.

Rachel recalls then to herself what actually happened. Anna stayed silent in the car while Rachel took Jason out of the trunk by herself. Rachel had felt sick at the time, having shot her friend, Jason, to cover up her secret when he was just doing what he thought was best for Rachel.

After the agents leave, Rachel sits by herself in the dark and falls asleep. She has a repeated nightmare of being in the Pinehearst lab, killing David with scissors again, but this time David wasn't a monster. Rachel was chasing him and he begged her to stop, and sometimes David had Jason's face.

One morning, Rachel reads the daily intel briefing, which contains tips about possible fugitive activity around the world, and she finds her fight with Jason page two. She reads that a dozen diners at the restaurant have reported blacking out during their dinner, and one woman was still in a coma. Rachel thinks to herself that the woman would be Jason's sister, and recalls that Anna told her that the coma wasn't permanent. She also recalls having the impression that permanent was possible, but that Anna would rather die than do that to someone.

Continuing to read the briefing, Rachel notes to herself that witnesses mentioned a man and woman arguing beforehand, and that their descriptions of Jason and herself were very accurate. However, no one had said anything to her about it because the report claimed the incident occurred in Oregon. Rachel guesses that Rebel is likely responsible for that, and for the first time begins thinking she might get away with what she is doing. Her thoughts then become suicidal, but she is interrupted by orders to report immediately to an address in New York City.

Rachel proceeds to a dark alley near the designated address, and sees the SWAT team while her eyes are still adjusting. They approach Rachel, a wall of black armor and weaponry, and she becomes motionless out of fear. Within seconds, the first of the agents reaches her, and places his glove on her shoulder. He recognizes Rachel, and he tells her he just heard about Jason and is sorry. Another agent tells Rachel that it was a bad break. The first adds that Rachel looks rough, and the second says that they will get those responsible. Rachel then thanks them and hears the site commander call for her.

After proceeding over to the commander, he asks her if she has heard from Danko. She replies as to whether he was looking for her, and the commander informs her that Danko has been off the grid. He adds that Rachel is Danko's buddy or something, and asks if he said anything to her about this operation. Rachel responds that Danko didn't say anything to her about it, and asks if there is a problem. The commander denies any problem exists and instructs Rachel to go in with B Squad. Rachel can tell he is hiding something, but doesn't say anything. Then, the commander tells Rachel he is sorry to hear about Pierce, calling Jason by his last name, and comments that he was a real patriot.

Rachel is surprised so many people know her name and care about her, and ducks down the next alley to hide her becoming nauseous. She then looks up and sees the abandoned office building they are targeting. Rachel notes to herself that the roof had once been a plant nursery, and that intercepted communications between the fugitives indicate that there could be a dozen of them hiding up there and that one of them is "losing control" in some manner. Continuing to analyze the situation, she thinks that anything could happen when they head inside and notices that everyone seems tense except for the commander. Rachel notices a smug expression on the commander's face, and thinks something is wrong.

Anna interrupts Rachel's thoughts and says hello to her. Rachel then pulls Anna to the ground, telling her there are agents everywhere. Anna replies that she knows, and jokes that there are a couple agents behind her, sleeping or something. She notices Rachel doesn't laugh and gets a good look at her face. Then, Anna comments that Rachel isn't okay and asks if she is punishing herself. When Rachel responds that she isn't yet, but has some ideas; Anna takes Rachel's arm and asks her to walk with her.

Anna explains her story to Rachel, her Russian accent coming out strong. In her recollection, she tells how she lived in the woods in Siberia, and that her family was very poor with a home whose floors were dirt. It was very cold in the winder, and very hot in the summer, but they didn't mind. When she was almost a teenager, Anna began having headaches. She began hearing and smelling strange things. Then, one night her mother and father had a fight and Anna got frightened. She heard a weird sound in her head and everything stopped. The next day, her family had become like animals, making noises and eating with their hands. They didn't know each other and couldn't talk, so Anna fed and bathed them but they didn't get better. When the food ran out, she killed the chickens and looked for berries in the woods. Finally, a man came from her father's work and the government took them away. Anna never saw them again, and was sent to a terrible orphanage. It was there that the Pinehearst Company found Anna before bringing her to America.

Rachel tells Anna that what she did was an accident and that Anna shouldn't blame herself. Anna says that she agrees, and that it had no purpose or meaning. She continues that Rachel thinks she is evil because she killed her own friend, but that she did it because she saved Howie's life and so she could save many more lives in the future. Rachel responds that she did it only because she was upset and scared, and Anna says that she should be. Anna states that Howie needed Rachel to be upset and scared, and the people in the target building need her to be that way as well. Anna and Rachel arrive at the target building, and Rachel sees that it is empty and dark.

Options (I)

The player is then given options for what Rachel will do.

All cases (II)

What would Rachel do?

What do you think the official conclusion of this week's iStory will be? Could Rachel face off against fellow agents so soon after Jason's death? Is Abe's safety worth the risk to his friends? Would Rachel, Anna, and Abe be enough to hold off Building 26? Make your prediction below. (Official conclusion will be posted next week.)

Later this week: REBEL finally breaks his silence. But who is listening?

What do you think Rachel will do?

  • Rachel and Anna will escape with Abe...
  • Rachel, Anna, and Abe will lead a battle against the agents...
  • Rachel will go after the agent with the detonator...
  • Rachel will delay the attack...


  • Several of the options presented in the first part of this chapter lead directly to the page with a poll on what the player thinks is going to happen next.
  • Options 1A.1C, 1B.1A.1C, and 1B.2A.3 all comply with what happens in chapter 8, where Rachel tells Anna they need to still use the fire escape and confirms she is going for the detonator before doing so. However, Option 1A.1C is optimal because it allows Anna to experience Rachel's ability and talk to Rachel into being more willing to use it to help people. It also allows Rachel to observe for herself that Abe glows brighter after using his ability.
  • The final page of this chapter again has the same flash image of Rachel's desk as the prior chapter.


  • The poll related to the ending of part 1 of this chapter originally had options related to final chapter of The Private. The poll was updated with options for the current chapter on Thursday, March 26, 2009, and the deadline for the poll extended to Tuesday, March 31, 2009. However, on Tuesday, March 31, 2009, the poll was left in place (though it still showed March 31, 2009, as the deadline).

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