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Rachel's room

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Rachel's room
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Location: Unknown

Rachel Mills sleeps and works out of her own room while part of Danko's team.

Notable Residents

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Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 2 of The Agent, Rachel Mills screams no after experiencing a nightmare and teleporting onto the floor. Rachel's T-shirt is soaked with sweat and her body is shivering uncontrollably. She notes the curtains look gray, so assumes it must be close to dawn. Rachel then lowers her head into her arms and groans.

While Rachel is still on the floor, someone calls out for her from the doorway, and Rachel immediately rushes to her desk drawer and snatches her gun. Turning to face the door, Rachel watches a tall, square, and unshaven man enter her room. He talks with Rachel, explaining that he is her new partner and that he has brought her a file from Danko for her "special project". Rachel then lowers the gun and takes the file.

Two hours after her partner has left, Rachel is examines the file, which contains a list of about a dozen websites. She turns on her computer and begins checking the first website on the target list. Rachel finds that the first website is a kind of message board, and spots a few images with bar codes or something that she wants to check out. Rachel copies them to her computer and attaches them to an email to a hacker buddy. After a while, Rachel narrows the list down to three other websites to continue checking. She finds hidden messages on each of the three sites, and makes notes in the file to discuss with Danko.

Just as Rachel finishes looking at the websites, her phone buzzes. Rachel checks the caller ID, and sees that it says "UNKNOWN". She rolls her eyes and answers the phone while writing another note on the file for Danko. Rachel then talks with her hacker boyfriend, Volts, on the phone, and they discuss the meaning of the bar code she e-mailed to him. Then, the power goes out and Rachel's phone call gets disconnected. She tries to call Danko's office, but she gets an "All circuits are busy" message. Rachel then grabs her gun off the bed, tucks Danko's file under her arms and prepares to leave her room when her phone buzzes with text messages from Rebel. She views a video file Rebel sends to her phone of her using her ability at Pinehearst and then converses via instant message with Rebel.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Building 26 agents visit Rachel in her room hours after finding Jason Pierce's dead body. After she talks to them and they leave, Rachel sits alone in the dark, falls asleep, and has a repeated nightmare. One morning after that night, Rachel reads the daily intel briefing and ponders committing suicide. However, her thoughts are interrupted by orders to report to New York City and she leaves to go there.


  • The location and ownership of Rachel's room is unknown.

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