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iStory:The Civilian/chapter 501 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 1 of The Civilian.

All cases (I)

In Lyneboro, CT, Rachel Mills, now a local police officer, helps a young girl, Katie, rescue her cat, Wilbur, who is stuck in a tree. Rachel asks Katie to get some lemonade; after Katie leaves, Rachel teleports up into the tree. She notices movement underneath the tree, and sees a dark-haired, blue-shirted figure, under a tree across the street, who doesn't seem to be leaving. As Rachel ponders who he is, she begins to slide down towards the ground.

Katie and her father, Ralph, arrive, just as Rachel finishes rescuing Wilbur. Ralph thanks Rachel for her help and praises her. As Rachel heads back to her truck, she notices that the man across the street is gone. Rachel then drives into town.

Options (I)

The player gets to choose where Rachel will go from Main Street. They can decide whether Rachel heads for the park, the police station, Rachel's home, Mable's Diner, or Smokey's Bar.


  • In order to successfully reach the chapter conclusion, the player must, when faced with options, go to the police station and check the inbox (Option 1B.2), then go home and into the spare room, and react to the note that was left in the inbox (Option 1C.2A.1A, 1C.2A.1B, or 1C.2A.1C), then head to the diner to talk to Leona (Option 1D.1), after which is the chapter conclusion.

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