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Adam's cell

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Adam's cell
Company hospital adams cell.jpg
Location: Primatech Research
Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: To imprison Adam

Adam Monroe is held by the Company in a level 2 cell at Primatech Research for thirty years.

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Four Months Ago...

Four months ago, after Elle leaves Peter alone in his cell, Adam Monroe begins talking to Peter through a vent in the wall.

Three months ago, Adam remarks that he has known Peter for a month, yet he has never told him his name. When Peter says that he just wants to be left alone, Adam replies that these cells are the perfect place. He also tells Peter that it does get a bit old. Adam implies to Peter that he has been in his cell for three decades. Peter finally tells Adam his name.

Two months ago, Adam warns Peter that he should keep away from Elle. Peter says that he doesn't want anything from Elle except the drugs. Adam then says that the "cure" that the Company is giving him does nothing at all, and that they were still perfecting the "cure" when he arrived at the Company thirty years ago. Peter doesn't believe him, saying that the Company was created to help people like them. Adam then says that the place that they're in isn't a facility: it's a prison.

Peter asks Bob if he can see his family, but Bob says it is not possible at the moment. Bob then leaves Peter behind, who asks him if he's ever getting out of his cell. Adam reminds Peter that the cell is a prison. Adam then says that he will be able to save Nathan. He says that just a small amount of his blood could help heal Nathan, even after everything Peter has put him through.

One month ago, Adam tells Peter to try using his powers to escape, as he hadn't taken the pills for five days. Peter concentrates on the wall separating his cell and Adam's, and he manages to phase through it. Peter meets Adam face to face for the first time since they met, and remarks that Adam's been holding up pretty well for a 400-year-old man. Peter and Adam prepare to leave to heal Nathan.

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