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Tracy's cell

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Tracy's cell
Tracy is held in Building 26.
Location: Building 26
Purpose: Holding cell

Tracy is held in a cell with heat lamps, after being captured by Homeland Security.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors


Trust and Blood

Tracy is apprehended and dragged off towards her cell.

Building 26

Nathan Petrelli shows Abby Collins Tracy's cell. Tracy Strauss is shackled in the center of the room with massive heaters keeping her freezing under control. Abby is horrified. She tells Nathan that she will file a complaint against him at the Justice department for humans rights violations.

Tracy escapes, but is recaptured after killing Mark Leggett. Once Tracy is re-shackled in her prison, Nathan visits her and tells she won't be escaping again. Tracy then tells him that she knows it was he who released her, and that she will escape next time.

Shades of Gray

Nathan comes to Tracy in her cell. To avoid being overheard, Nathan writes down on a notebook that he's Tracy's "only hope", referencing a message that Rebel had sent her earlier. When Danko comes in to try and get information from Tracy in regards to Nathan's supposed special abilities, Tracy refuses to tell him anything.

Cold Snap

Tracy sits in her cell trying to make ice. She manages to freeze her breath.

When Rebel shuts down the systems in Building 26, the heat lamps turn off and the cell door unlocks. Tracy freezes her restraints and leaves the cell under Rebel's guidance.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 1

Tracy recollects how she was inhumanely restrained in her cell.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 2

Tracy recalls how Agent Winslow, Agent Yuleberg, and Agent Albertson had mistreated her while she was being kept in her cell.

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