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Pinehearst High School

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Pinehearst High School
Pinehearst High School.jpg
Location: Carbondale, IL
Purpose: High School

Tommy Clark attends Pinehearst High School.

Notable Staff

Notable Students


Brave New World

Brad shoves Tommy Clark to the floor for supposedly staring at his girlfriend, Emily Duval. Tommy walks into a class and sees some girls talk about Coach Lewis dying in a fire the previous night in Chicago, IL.

Later, Emily approaches Tommy in the halls to talk to him. She apologizes for Brad's behavior earlier.


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  • The high school is named after the Pinehearst Company.
  • Text on the high school's webpage says, "We pride ourselves in providing students with an outstanding academic and athletic experience. The faculty and staff work collaboratively to provide an education that will prepare students for continued success throughout life. We truly believe this is the best high school in southern Illinois, and one of the best in the entire state. That's why our motto is 'Dedicated to Excellence'."
  • According to the high school's varsity jackets, the school was established in 1942.

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