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Museum of Natural History

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Museum of Natural History
Natural history museum.jpg
New York Museum of Natural History
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Museum

Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi visit the New York City Museum of Natural History in their quest to find the sword that will focus Hiro's power.

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Hiro Nakamura is watches a video of a Tyrannosaurus rex eating another small dinosaur. Hiro is looking for a particular sword and claims all the books he's read say the sword is at this museum. Ando criticizes Hiro for wasting time trying to find a sword when they only have three weeks left until the explosion. Hiro tells Ando that ever since he lost Charlie his powers have grown weaker. He believes finding the sword will restore his powers. Hiro and Ando find the sword on display with the armor of Takezo Kensei.

Hiro tells Ando how his father used to tell him stories about Takezo Kensei. He tells Ando that Takezo was a powerful savage feared by all of Japan. One day, he found a sword in the snow and when he took it he found that it focused his strength and he become a great leader. Ando sees the Symbol on the hilt of the sword and points out that it's a combination of the characters meaning "great talent" and "godsend." Hiro claims that with that sword his powers will return and he'll be able to fulfill his destiny. Hiro tells Ando that they're going to steal it.

Hiro and Ando walk around the exhibit housing the sword making small talk with a guard momentarily. Ando points out that there's security everywhere and that stealing is wrong. Hiro claims that it's just once and that if he can't control his powers then the museum will explode anyway, so in the end it will be a "good deal" for the museum. Hiro tries to stop time, but is unsuccessful. Hiro tells Ando his power isn't working. Hiro tries to stop time again with limited success. He manages to slow down time, but not stop it completely. He considers it good enough, removes the sword from the case, and runs into another room. He turns around and brandishes the sword at a large model of a dinosaur. He restores time to normal. As an alarm sounds Ando looks around and sees the sword is now gone. He runs out of the museum and finds Hiro in the street. Hiro tells him that with this sword there's no limit to what he can accomplish. He pulls the sword out of the sheath and finds that it's only a replica. On the blade is a placard reading "Replica courtesy of the Linderman Group." Disappointed, he tells Ando he's going to take it back.


  • When Hiro visits the dinosaur exhibit, the plaque on the back of the display reads "Property of the New York Museum of History & Technology". While no such museum exists in New York, the "Museum of History & Technology" was the original name of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. There is also an American Museum of Natural History, located at Central Park West and 79th Street in Manhattan.



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