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Union Wells locker room

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Union Wells locker room
Union wells locker room.jpg
Cheerleaders gather in the Union Wells girls' locker room.
Location: Odessa, TX
Purpose: Education

The locker room at the Union Wells High School is used for a variety of sport and varsity activities. There are separate men's and women's changing areas.

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Notable Visitors



On the night of the Homecoming Dance, the cheerleading squad gathers in the girls' locker room at Union Wells. Jackie Wilcox is getting the girls excited for the halftime show. When Claire arrives, the two team leaders exchange terse words about Claire's grounding and Jackie's battered eye. Jackie tells Claire that she thinks Claire is a menace. She claims they used to be "BFF" and asks what happened to them. They exchange barbs about trying to be like each other, and Claire admits she knows Jackie didn't rescue the man from the train wreck because it was actually Claire that did the rescuing, and she has a tape to prove it.

Suddenly the lights in the locker room go out and a shadowy figure passes by. Jackie tries to leave the locker room, but Claire has a bad feeling about the way Jackie is attempting to go. She grabs Jackie and pulls her through the locker room. Jackie protests, when suddenly Sylar grabs Jackie (the cheerleader he recognizes from the newspaper clipping) by the neck. The intruder pins her against a locker, and lifts her up in the air. Claire jumps on Sylar, but he throws her off with incredible force, and sends her flying into a wall. Jackie screams so loudly she is heard by Mr. Bennet and Peter Petrelli, just outside. Sylar covers Jackie's mouth and puts his finger in the air near her forehead. Suddenly there's a slicing noise and Jackie's skull is sliced open spraying blood everywhere. Claire relocates her mangled limbs and gets up. Sylar notices her regenerating, and drops the slain girl. He stands over Jackie for a moment, just as Isaac's painting depicted. Claire runs out of the locker room and finds Peter in the hallway, as Sylar pursues.

Following Jackie's screams, Mr. Bennet enters the locker room, and sees the body of a dead cheerleader on the floor. Initially he thinks it's Claire, but upon closer inspection, he realizes it's Jackie. He leaves to find Claire.


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