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Level 2

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Level 2
Level 2.jpg
Level 2 holds less dangerous individuals.
Location: Primatech Research
Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: To imprison dangerous individuals

Level 2 is the jail cell prison facility inside Primatech Research designed and built by the Company to contain dangerous individuals. These prisoners are of a lesser threat to the Company than those found on Level 5. Level 2 was destroyed in the Primatech explosion.

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I Am Become Death

Unable to escape the Haitian after attempting to steal the second half of the formula in Berlin, Germany, Hiro and Ando are brought to Primatech Research and locked in a Level 2 cell. After a brief argument, Hiro and Ando attempt to escape via a vent near the ceiling. However, before they can make their getaway, they are caught by the Haitian and brought to Angela Petrelli.

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