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Taylor's gun

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Taylor's gun
Crew's gun.JPG
The gun used by D.L.'s crew implicates D.L. for a crime he didn't commit.

First mentioned: Snapshots
Owned by: Taylor
Current status: In custody of Las Vegas Police Department

Taylor uses a gun while robbing Linderman's sports book of two million dollars.


Graphic Novel:Snapshots

At the Las Vegas Police Department, a detective shows D.L. Hawkins a gun that was used by his crew to kill a guard. The detective tells D.L. that the gun was found at his house. Though D.L. insists his innocence, he is ultimately sent to jail.

Graphic Novel:Stolen Time

Jessica Sanders and the crew enter Linderman's sports book in Primm, Nevada. Taylor, a member of the crew, fires the gun into the air. After stealing two million dollars of Linderman's money, the crew shoots and kills a guard. Outside the sports book, when Jessica mentions that she will use her cut of the money for Micah's tuition, the crew turn their weapons on her. However, Jessica overpowers the three men, and kills them all.


  • D.L.'s crew also owns a knife (used primarily by Warren) and a shotgun (used primarily by Itchy).


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