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Hiro Nakamura (exposed future)

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Hiro Nakamura
Future Hiro II.jpg
Portrayed by Masi Oka
First appearance The Second Coming
In-story stats
Formal name 中村広, Nakamura Hiro
Alias Takezo Kensei
Nickname Carp
Home Tokyo, Japan
Occupations CEO of Yamagato Industries, former Yamagato office worker
Significant others formerly Charlie Andrews (deceased),
formerly Yaeko
Parents Kaito Nakamura (deceased), Ishi Nakamura (deceased)
Sibling Kimiko Nakamura (older sister)

Hiro Nakamura was an evolved human who had the ability to bend space and time. He was killed by his former friend Ando in a possible future.

Character History

The Second Coming

When Hiro travels to the future, he witnesses a brief fight between his future self and a future version of Ando over Kaito's half of the formula. The fight ends with future Ando apparently killing future Hiro with a burst of red lightning.

Close to You

When Mohinder Suresh asks Ando to use his power to unscramble Hiro's brains, Ando tells Mohinder about how his future self had killed Future Hiro with that ability. However, he reluctantly tries and is able to shock Hiro back to his senses.

Evolved Human Abilities

Like his present-day self, Hiro had the ability to manipulate space and time.

See Also

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Hiro Nakamura (exposed future) for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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