This wiki is a XML full dump clone of "Heroes Wiki", the main wiki about the Heroes saga that has been shut down permanently since June 1, 2020. The purpose of this wiki is to keep online an exhaustive and accurate database about the franchise.

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Heroes Wiki is always looking for people interested in translating this wiki into other languages. If you are interested, check out this article. Please keep in mind that translating the wiki and maintaining the translation is a lot of work, so we encourage you to gather a group of people who are interested in helping.

Regarding Browsing and Formatting.

When writing or adding to an article, and inter-linking it, please be wary of using standard formatting. Information about standard elements and formatting is available here, and general Wiki formatting information is available here.

Also, be sure to avoid creating duplicate articles. Search around to find if related articles already exist and redirect to them as appropriate. It's one of the great things about wikis.

(You can also link through non-direct links, see WikiText for more info.)

Heroes Wiki mentioned on "The 9th" heroescast

Heroes Wiki was "pimped" on their December 11th Heroescast. Check out their site to listen to it. They had many kind words for us, thanks! ...and to the cast of The 9th... as for being listed on our site, you're already on our Fan Sites page!

"The 10th Wonder" podcast discusses Heroes Wiki

Heroes Wiki was mentioned in their December 12th podcast as one of the Heroes fansites that are "doing a great job for the Heroes fan community." We appreciate the compliments, guys, and are glad you and your fans are enjoying the site! You can listen to the podcast on their site.

Heroes Wiki reaches 500 articles

5 January 2007 — Heroes Wiki reached is 500th article of content today. This doesn't include redirects, user pages, or talk pages for instance. A big thank you goes out to everyone who's contributed to reach this milestone. Here's to another 500 (and more)! We also uploaded our 1,000th file today, and recently hit 1,000,000 total page views across the wiki... definitely not something to sneeze at!

Red Links Eradicated

12 February 2007 — Heroes Wiki scrubbed its entire site of any red links. These wanted pages are sure to creep up again, but will be tackled one at a time until the site is purged of empty pages. :)

Pop Candy at USA Today

Heroes Wiki was mentioned on Whitney Matheson's popular blog titled Pop Candy over at USA Today. We're very pleased you enjoy Heroes Wiki, Whitney, and thank you for mentioning us!

Jason Badower's blog

Jason Badower, artist of Road Kill, gave our site a nice shout out -- thanks, Jason!

1000th user

6 March 2007 -- Heroes Wiki welcomes its 1000th user today!

1000th article

12 April 2007 -- Heroes Wiki reached it's 1000th article today! Since the wiki opened in October 2006 it's seen tremendous growth and reaching our 1000th article is further proof of that. Thanks go out to everyone who has contributed here and everyone who has linked to us and helped make this wiki so great. From the day I started it I hoped it would become a success and it's surpassed my expectations. Keep up the good work everyone. We're the most popular Heroes wiki and we've done for Heroes what Lostpedia and Memory-Alpha have done for Lost and Star Trek. Everyone that's helped should feel proud of themselves!

AdVolcano includes Heroes Wiki in its list of top 57 wikis

A member of AdVolcano compiled a list of the top 57 wikis ordered by their Alexa ranking and Heroes Wiki not only made the list but was specifically mentioned as one of the "great" wikis according to the author. Thank you, we appreciate the kind words and support! Full article here.

Heroes Wiki moves to a new server

In order to handle the ever increasing traffic we're getting, I've purchased a new more powerful server to handle the load. The new server is approx 4x more powerful than the previous one and should suit us nicely as we continue to grow. As of June 13, 2007, I've migrated all sites over to the new server. If you see any problems, please let me know.


Heroes Wiki has conducted a number of interviews with members of the cast and crew. See the full list here, including past interviews and upcoming interviews for which members can submit questions.


Sometime on October 1, 2007, Heroes Wiki reached its 1,800th page and 100,000th page edit. We certainly are growing!

Heroes Wiki Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

October 10, 2007 -- Heroes Wiki has now been online for 1 year! In this past year we've grown to over 2700 users and over 1800 full articles on topics related to Heroes. At the time we were getting less than 1,000 visits per day and our daily traffic could be measured in megabytes. Now here we are routinely getting between 10,000-20,000 visits per day (and even more when new episodes air) and our daily traffic needs to be measured in gigabytes. Thanks to advertising revenue alone we've been able to offset costs of operation in addition to donating over $600 to the Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation, a number that will continue to grow significantly along with the wiki. The wiki started with a simple goal of documenting all the characters, episodes, and special abilities of Heroes and has grown to now include information on fan-created content and exclusive interviews. We've grown from being hosted on a shared server that struggled under the load during the season one finale to being hosted on a new dedicated server that doesn't even break a sweat during season two when we now routinely peak at over 3x the amount of traffic we had during the season one finale. Thanks to all the contributors and those who've spread the word, this wiki has grown to become the most comprehensive resource for Heroes information on the web. With everyone's help I expect the wiki to grow even more in the coming year as Heroes gains even more popularity.

Heroes Wiki reaches 3000 registered users

Only a couple of weeks after Heroes Wiki celebrated its 1 year anniversary we've now also hit a milestone of 3,000 registered users!

Upcoming Holidays

With the holidays approaching soon I wanted to remind everyone that if you'll be purchasing any gifts from then clicking on one of the links under "heroes merchandise" at the bottom left of the site will help benefit Heroes Wiki at no additional cost to you. You don't need to purchase the product you click on, but by using those links to reach Heroes Wiki will receive revenue from any item you purchase from during that session. Remember, most of the Heroes Wiki revenue is donated to charity so it's a simple way to help without even having to spend any extra money. Please see Heroes Wiki:Advertising for more information on how the revenue is used.

Plug from The 10th Wonder Podcast

Just received this email from Graham Hancock at The 10th Wonder Podcast:

Hey HeroesWiki!

We thought we'd let you know that we plugged at the end of
our podcast this week because of the amazing work you've been doing
compiling all of the spoilers for Volume 3. We didn't have time to go over
any spoilers this week so we sent our listeners your way!

Thanks again for all of the work you do for the ''Heroes'' fan community,

Thanks, Graham! Your kind words are appreciated! :)


If you have an account on Facebook and would like to list yourself as a fan of Heroes Wiki then check out this page. As a fan you'll receive Facebook announcements for big Heroes Wiki events such as new interviews.

NBC Conference Call

Lost Soul and rbfskywalker have been invited to be a part of a conference call organised by NBC. The call will be taking place on Friday, September 5 at 10am PST, and the two guests present will be Zachary Quinto ("Sylar") and Tim Kring (Heroes creator and executive producer). Plans are currently being made for a summary of some kind to be posted on this site after the call has been made. It is also probable that Heroes Wiki members will be given the unique opportunity to suggest questions to be asked during the call. Stay tuned for that!

Heroes Wiki comes to your cell phone

  • Thanks to a technique I noticed on Wikipedia today, Heroes Wiki is now accessible via your WAP-enabled cell phone at If you have a phone with a decent web browser (like the iPhone) then I'd recommend still using the regular site, however if you have an older phone that cannot render HTML (or can't do it well) then you may find the WAP site more to your liking. There are still some bugs, but as I find them I'll try to knock them out. Enjoy!

Heroes Wiki passes 5,000 users!

Thanks to a flurry of activity following the Season Three premiere, Heroes Wiki has now passed the 5,000 user mark. In conjunction with breaking our all-time record number of daily visits this is a terrific way to start the new season!

Heroes Wiki partnership with NBC

Heroes Wiki was contacted by NBC who was interested in partnering with Heroes Wiki. They volunteered to promote the site, help get us more direct access to those involved in the show, and help fund the site in exchange for running advertisements for them. Links to Heroes Wiki can be found on NBC's Heroes page, on NBC's Heroes Evolutions page, on the 9th Wonders! Heroes forum, and on Habbo's Heroes page.

Tim Kring shout out to Heroes Wiki

In a video promoting the new web series Nowhere Man, Tim Kring gives a special shout out to a few popular Heroes sites including Heroes Wiki. Thanks, Tim!


Now, in addition to friending us on Facebook, you can follow our news and edits accounts on Twitter if you have a Twitter account. Heroes Wiki's Twitter news account is updated manually with news and announcements, such as new interviews, posted on Heroes Wiki. Heroes Wiki's Twitter edits account is automatically updated every few hours with a new Heroes Wiki edit of a main Heroes Wiki page (user, talk, spoiler, theory, and image pages are excluded).

Heroes Wiki featured on the DVD!

Released on August 3, 2010, Heroes Wiki was highlighted on the Season Four DVD. In the featurette Heroes Revolution, several crew members (including Erin Fitzgerald, Foz McDermott, Zach Craley, and others) talk about how they use the website to check facts, look up trivia, and control continuity. Several screenshots from Heroes Wiki are shown, and praises are sung to the fans who work hard to keep the site updated.

Heroes Wiki Upgraded

As you can most likely see, I've upgraded MediaWiki to the latest release. The newer releases required backend software versions that I could not easily make available on the old server so I took the opportunity to move the site onto new hosting to get a fresh start. There will probably be a few bugs or missing features that I'll try to get worked out as soon as possible. I also noticed on my iPad the menu buttons at the top don't line up cleanly. I did try to adjust it, but then it looked worse for standard browsers so I just left it as is for now. If you find any issues that require my intervention, please let me know. Hope everyone enjoys the fresh site!