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Heroes: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

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Heroes: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)
Season 4 DVD.png
Heroes Season Four DVD

The Heroes Season Four DVD is a DVD recompilation of the fourth season of Heroes. The list price of the standard 5-disc DVD set is $59.98; the cost for the 4-disc Blu-ray set is $79.98. All 18 episodes from Volume Five are included. Subtitles are available in English, Spanish, and French. The DVD set was released on August 3, 2010.

Disc Contents

Note: the following information is listed by contents of the 5-disc standard DVD set. For extra features found on the Blu-ray set, see here.

Disc One

  • Bonus Material
    • Deconstructing Sylar featurette--Tim Kring, Adam Armus, and Zachary Quinto discuss the origin, evolution, and complexities of the character Sylar. In interviewing Zach, the producers reveal details about the casting process, how the character has been "reinvented" and "rebooted" over the years, and who originally came up with Sylar's signature finger-pointing gesture.
    • Deleted scenes

Disc Two

Disc Three

Disc Four

Disc Five

  • Bonus Material
    • Genetics of a Scene featurette
      • "HRG Stuck in Car"--Bill Aldridge and others explain how they created the special effects needed for the scene from Orientation in which Noah is trapped in a car which is filled with water.
      • "Samuel Draws, Doyle Drops in, Sylar Too"--Jeannot Szwarc, Jim Martin, Robert Knepper, and others describe the process for creating the scene from Let It Bleed in which Sylar and Doyle arrive at the carnival and surprise Samuel.
      • "Boys Bust Out, Suresh Sends Orderly Flying"--The actors and crew tell about the challenges and excitement inherent in creating the scene from Close to You in which Ando and Hiro break Suresh out of the Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital.
      • "Wall Explodes"--The production crew talks about the emotional, symbolic, and technical challenges that were faced in creating the scene from The Wall in which the wall Parkman's basement explodes.
      • "Samuel Buries the Trailer/Last Day of Production"--Several scenes from The Wall and Brave New World required detailed work from the special effects and visual effects crews, the cameramen, the actors, and the directors.
      • "Mayhem at the Carnival/Squib School"--Jay Bartus gives a crash course in the art and science behind making a squib, including how a properly prepared condom can make blood spurt in just the right way.
      • "Claire Climbs and Jumps"--Hayden Panettiere's stuntwoman Nancy Lee Thurston allows the viewer to take a glimpse at the preparation and execution of one of her stunts.
    • Deleted scenes

Blu-ray Disc Exclusive Bonus Material

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Deleted Scenes


  • Dr. Tells Peter HRG Is Alive: At Mercy Heights Hospital, Noah's doctor tells Peter that Noah has lost a lot of blood, but that he'll be fine. The doctor also tells Peter that he was lucky to have gotten there as fast as he did.


  • Samuel Tells Lydia He's Going to the City: Samuel recounts the story of The Hound of Ulster for Lydia, explaining that The Hound was a fierce warrior, always resolute and steadfast. In the end, The Hound had to fight and kill his brother Ferdiad. Meanwhile, Peter cuts out a newspaper article and hangs it in his apartment; Claire ignores Gretchen's pleas to talk; Matt gets ready for work and sees Sylar in his reflection. Samuel explains how he and Joseph would hear stories like this when he was young. As he gets dressed, Samuel recalls being forced to dress primly, until he discovered his power. He says he is going to the city because he believes he has found someone to replace Joseph, who is Samuel's compass. Samuel soaks some ink into his hands, and Lydia asks if Samuel plans to visit his old home. Samuel explains that he has left that life long ago, and leaves.
  • Emma Talks to Her Dr.: Emma speaks to her mother and expresses concern that she might sound "crazy" if she tells other people about seeing strange lights. Her mother explains about the phenomenon of synesthesia, but Emma dismisses the idea. Emma and her mother continue to talk about Emma's deafness and her disengagement from the world.
  • Matt Finds Dead Girl: As Matt interrogates Keppler, Matt's hallucination of Sylar encourages Matt to use his power to find out where a little girl is. Matt does so and finds a girl under the stairs, not moving at all. He goes back to Keppler and beats him, demanding to know what Keppler did to the girl. Matt's partner asks what's going on, checks under the stairs, and says he doesn't see any girl there.
  • Peter Discovers Tattoo: Peter and Hesam unload an ambulance, and Peter apologizes to his partner about earlier. They shake hands, and Hesam compliments Peter on his "nice ink". Peter looks down and notices a compass tattoo.


  • Governor Malden Wants Tracy Back: Governor Malden and Tracy talk. Malden presses her about where she has been. Tracy explains that it was a family matter, and that she is back. He entices Tracy to come back, and she agrees. When Malden leaves, Tracy receives a phone call. She asks the person on the other end of the phone if there is somebody else they can call. Tracy explains that she is a little busy, but agrees to meet the person anyway.
  • Tracy Brings HRG Home: Noah, back from the hospital and on painkillers, is escorted to his apartment by Tracy. She helps him to bed and gets him a glass of water. When Noah calls Tracy "Senator", he decides he should probably take some antibiotics. Noah invites Tracy to stay for lunch, but Tracy protests that she is busy and has already wasted the day driving from New York City. Noah falls asleep as Tracy suggest that Noah calls Sandra.
  • Sandra and Tracy Meet: Sandra and Mr. Muggles arrive at Noah's apartment and are greeted by Tracy. Tracy says she isn't sure how to explain her relationship with Noah or how they know each other, but tells Sandra that they are neither friend nor foe. Tracy leaves, Sandra decides to go to the grocery store, and Mr. Muggles curls up in Noah's arms.
  • Tracy Finds HRG: Tracy enters Kojin Sushi and sees Noah. She explains that she figured he would be there because his apartment is upstairs, and she figured he couldn't go too far. She joins him at the table, and they talk. Noah thanks Tracy for helping him out. Tracy explains that she has taken her old job with Governor Malden. She asks Noah how the United States government is able to violate her human rights without anybody being able to find out. Noah explains that nobody knows that people like her exist. They discuss the advantages and disadvantages to living in secrecy. Tracy expresses her desire to make a difference, and says that she can't do that while working for Malden. Noah encourages her to quit, urging her to embrace reality. He says that perhaps a person has to remember who they were in order to figure out who they want to be.
  • Tracy Packs: Tracy gathers many of her business outfits and takes them to a donation center. She meets Lydia and gives her the clothes.

Hysterical Blindness

Tabula Rasa

  • Peter Takes Hiro's Power: Hiro shuffles through the halls of Mercy Heights, looking for Peter Petrelli. Peter puts Hiro back to bed. Peter explains that Hiro is very sick, but Hiro insists that destiny brought the two of them together for a reason, and that he has accepted his fate. Peter lays his hands on Hiro and absorbs Hiro's power.
  • Hiro Struggles: Nurse Hammer administers a drug to Hiro, who protests that he isn't even supposed to be in the hospital, but instead only came to see Peter Petrelli. The nurse, frustrated with Hiro's uncooperative attitude, says that perhaps Hiro's doctor wants to find out how soon Hiro will die so he can book the room. Hiro says that the nurse is a cruel woman; Nurse Hammer retorts, "You have no idea."
  • Samuel Introduces Sylar to the Family: Samuel gathers the carnies together and introduces Sylar to them. They applaud.
  • Hiro Meets Up with Emma: Hiro talks with Emma and explains how a new ability can be frightening, but advises her to explore and experiment with it. He bangs a stapler, forcing Emma to see the colors. When she does, he encourages her to shatter a mug sitting next to the stapler. She breaks the mug, and Hiro says, "Yatta!" Emma gets upset, says that she wants it to stop, and leaves.
  • Samuel Presents Sylar as Member of the Family: Sylar approaches Samuel, and all the other carnies stand and gather around. Sylar says he does not want to be the person he used to be. Samuel embraces Sylar and tells him he's safe now. Sylar asks about the cops and their captain, but Samuel says that it's all taken care of, and that the carnies are pretty good at making things disappear. Samuel says that it's a terrible thing to take a life, but that it had to be done in order for Sylar to become one of them. Samuel then presents Sylar as a member of the carnival family, and gives Sylar a compass, instructing him to keep it with him always. Samuel turns and raises water in a nearby baptismal font. Samuel baptizes Sylar, who is elated at his transformation.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

  • HRG and Lauren Have Breakfast: As Samuel grabs Hiro at the Burnt Toast Diner, Noah talks with Sandra about his schedule conflicts with work and Homecoming. As he hangs up, Lauren enters the diner and sits with Noah. He expresses his disappoint with himself for lying to Sandra the fact that he will be missing Homecoming because he is chasing a deranged serial killer. Lauren compares Noah's double life to that of Superman's. They lament the lies they have to tell family. Lauren says she wishes she could tell her mother that the reason she missed her nephew's Bar Mitzvah is because she was busy bagging and tagging a guy who can shoot fire out of his nose. The two talk and flirt, and they discuss the nature of their relationship. Lauren says she has booked a motel room for the two of them. Their breakfast is interrupted by a call about paintings.
  • Claire Encourages HRG: Claire talks with her father, but is called over by the other cheerleaders. Ms. Roberts tells the girls that they all need to make banners for Homecoming, and that they need something big to cover the trophy case. Jackie says that they don't make paper that big, but Claire says they do.


  • Emma Saves Megan: At Mercy Heights, Emma sits in the staff room, and sees Megan enter. Megan says that her mom is in surgery—she was hurt when they were riding the train. Megan asks Emma if she is a doctor or a nurse. When Emma says that she is neither, Megan expresses her confusion, since doctors and nurses work at hospitals, but Emma is neither. However, she is interrupted by a pain in her chest. Emma takes a look and sees a bruise that wasn't there before. Emma assures Megan that she's going to be okay, and takes her to see a doctor. Before she can leave the room, Megan collapses on the floor. Emma calls for help, and Peter hears her pleas. Emma begins CPR. Peter says that she's not breathing and needs a doctor. Emma says that there's no time. She orders Peter to get a kit, and Emma injects Megan, who promptly wakes up.

Brother's Keeper

  • Nathan's Worried: "Nathan" sits at at table in Peter's apartment, pondering over the thought that he is actually Sylar, just with a different voice and face. He says that whoever Nathan Petrelli was is gone now—he's just some random thoughts in a mass murderer's head. Peter counters that Matt claimed to have forced Sylar out, so it doesn't matter who Sylar used to be. Nathan says that the rest of the world sees Nathan Petrelli, but those who know the truth (like Peter) will always see him as Sylar. When Angela knocks on the door, Nathan's face changes to Sylar's for a moment. Angela says that they have a lot to talk about and that Thanksgiving is a time for family to be together, for better or for worse.


  • Claire Wants to Drop Out: Noah makes a toast to the first Thanksgiving in his apartment, the first Thanksgiving he has ever hosted, and to Lauren (without whom they would all be eating Japanese takeout). Lauren asks Sandra how she and Doug met. Doug says it was love at first sight—for Mr. Muggles and Miss Lovegood. Sandra asks how Lauren and Noah met, and Noah says that they were coworkers at Primatech. Sandra asks whether it was the paper company or "that other thing". When Lauren is surprised about Sandra's knowledge of "that other thing", Sandra explains that the memory can be erased only so many times. Sandra asks if they worked closely together, and Noah tries to change the subject.

Doug tries to cut the tension by suggesting that everyone saying what they are thankful for, which they do in turn. When it is Claire's turn, she says she is not feeling very thankful. Noah explains that her roommate moved out. Doug asks why she would do that, since Claire is so likable, but Claire balks that Doug doesn't know anything about her. Claire announces that she is thinking about dropping out of school.

Let It Bleed

  • Claire Looks for Peter: Claire enters an office building, and sees a body on the floor. She hears phones ringing, and looks for Peter. She finds him tending to Wendy's wounds.

Close to You

  • Lydia Walks through the Carnival: Lydia walks through the backstage area of the carnival and watches as carnies juggle, spend time with their families, and relax. She approaches Samuel, who draws pictures of Vanessa and writes letters.


  • Samuel Convinces Vanessa to Stay: In the morning, Samuel asks Vanessa how she slept, and tells her that the dress is a gift. Vanessa balks, countering that he kidnapped her. Samuel apologizes and promises to take her back home right away. However, Samuel brings up a time from their past when he broke her record player. He pushes her to stay for breakfast, and Vanessa points out that breakfast eventually turns into lunch, then dinner, then drinks. Samuel says that he fixed that record player—he knows what he did wrong, and he knows how to fix it. Vanessa agrees to stay for breakfast, and then says she needs to go home.
  • Samuel and Vanessa Reminisce: At O'Mallory's, a waitress brings Samuel and Vanessa a strawberry milkshake. Samuel reminds Vanessa of when she was eight years old and would swipe her father's money and go to Victor's for a shake. When Vanessa says that memories are just nice and nothing else, Samuel says that he carries his memories with him because they're important, and that they protect him. Samuel reminds her of the last time he crashed in her dorm room and they talked all night, "among other things." Samuel says she talked about her dream house, but Vanessa says it was just the tequila. Samuel says that Vanessa seems happy, but lonely—much like life at the carnival. He asks her if she ever looks back on their time together with a hint of fondness, and she indicates that she does. They share the milkshake.
  • Ando Watches: Dr. Puljos continues to operate on Hiro as Ando watches. The doctor learns that Hiro's blood pressure is dropping, and she decides to increase his fluids.


  • Possibly due to error, the cover uses Ali Larter's portrayal of Jessica Sanders instead of Tracy Strauss.

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