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iStory is a means to experience Heroes via interactive stories on the Heroes NBC website.

First mentioned: November 8, 2008

The iStory (or "Interactive Story") is a part of's Heroes Evolutions experience that allows players to literally interact with the story.

Heroes Evolutions

The iStory in an interactive experience where the the users act as players in the story. The chapters are entirely text based with a button to choose an action at the bottom of each scene. Occasionally, there may be video segments to watch and other tasks to perform off the NBC site. If a person chooses the wrong action and dies or gets captured, that person is returned to the beginning of that chapter and can begin again. No registration is required to participate.

Friend or Foe

IStory Friend or Foe logo.jpg

The first volume of iStory was called "Friend or Foe" and was released during the first half of Season Three of Heroes. In this volume, each user could participate in a mission contract with either Primatech Executive Services or Pinehearst Research Group that was related with stopping the operations of the Kill Squad. Except for the final week, new chapters of Operation Splinter (Primatech contract) and Operation Bad Blood (Pinehearst contract) were released. The volume culminated with the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors working together in the final chapter to stop the Kill Squad from blowing up a dam and killing the inhabitants of a nearby town, along with an innocent teenage girl named Anna.

The Private

IStory Rachel Mills logo.jpg

The second volume of iStory is related to Rachel Mills. It was announced on December 24, 2008, on NBC's Heroes iStory webpage, as follows:

Rachel Mills survived dangerous tours as a female Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan through guts, quick thinking, and a thick skin. But now, near the end of her enlistment, she finds herself in the middle of a situation unlike any that she has ever faced: a secret war on the Iraq-Iran border. Soon, a new, mysterious opponent puts Rachel and her friends' lives at stake. She is forced to make a choice that could shake the world.

It was released on January 14, 2009, during the hiatus between Volumes Three and Four of Season Three. In this volume, each user plays the role of Rachel Mills in a flashback of her experiences during her last tour in Iraq. In her tour, Rachel is betrayed by one of her friends. She discovers an experimental camp and is attacked by what she describes as a monster. At the end of the iStory, Rachel lands a job with the government.

The Agent

The third volume of iStory follows Rachel Mills as she works for Nathan Petrelli, hunting down evolved humans. It was released on February 11, 2009, after the fifteenth episode of Season Three was released. In this volume, each user plays the role of Rachel Mills as she works as an agent for the government.

Rachel is blackmailed by Rebel into helping protect the people she is hunting. She is forced to work undercover as the entire army of Building 26 watches her every move. Her partner, Jason Pierce, finds out and threatens her life so, with the help of her new friend Anna Korolenko, Rachel is forced to kill him. With Anna, Rachel infiltrates a group of people protecting Abe, an elderly evolved human. Finally understanding the impact Building 26 is having on the world, Rachel exposes herself as an evolved human to protect the targets. She is then captured by Emile Danko. Meanwhile, Anna meets the infamous LAWR and Linda Niles, who manages to escape the government's grasp, even though Anna doesn't. The iStory comes down to a nail-biting finale as Jason's sister Janey launches a one woman assault on Linda's warehouse and Rachel discovers that her estranged mother is not dead.

The Civilian

The fourth volume of iStory follows Rachel Mills as she returns to her normal life. It began airing after Volume Four ended. The series began with Rachel trying to be an ordinary cop in the small town of Lyneboro. However, when Leona Mills returns, trouble starts to brew and a mystery unravels. With surprise visitors every week, Rachel soon uncovers a dangerous plot to protect the town from a rival city gang spearheaded by an an evil receptionist with a persuasive tongue. With the help of Claire Bennet and Leona, Rachel saves the town from certain destruction.

Faction Zero

The fifth volume of iStory, entitled "Faction Zero", follows Claire Bennet in the summer of 2007, struggling to live a normal life and preparing for college. On a normal day of work, Claire is visited by Rachel Mills, who brings news that a strange faction is after Claire. Following the assassination of a former agent named Mensen, the girls a launched into a fight involving Rebel and a dangerous villain known as Wildman. Rachel finds a strange fascination with a fire breathing family and ends up following them to a strange carnival while Claire somehow gets into college.

Slow Burn

The sixth volume of iStory, entitled "Slow Burn", follows a family of three who mysteriously stumbled upon, and joined, the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. The story focuses on Chris, Gail and Jennie Bowman, as the three of them try to find a new home within the carnival. A mysterious stranger blackmails the family while they try to find acceptance in a home that seems strange to them. As The Watcher launches his evil plan for the Bowmans, the family is forced to turn to a higher power for help, Samuel Sullivan. The Watcher's fate is left unrevealed...

The Puppet Master

The seventh volume of iStory is known as "The Puppet Master", and focuses on Eric Doyle. It was announced on November 30, 2009, on the "Slow Burn" conclusion page, as follows:

Eric Doyle has had a rough life. After escaping Primatech's Level 5, he lived on the run until he was captured and imprisoned once again in Building 26. Thanks to Claire and Rebel, Doyle was given a new identity: Jason Tyminski, office drone. So how does a guy trying to play under the radar and live a normal life wind up running a puppet show at The Sullivan Bros. Carnival? In The Puppet Master, you can find out what happened, while helping Doyle navigate his treacherous path into the future.

The volume will follow Doyle's journey since the end of the Nowhere Man webisodes, up until his joining of the carnival.


The eighth volume of iStory is called "Purpose", and follows the life of a former Primatech agent, John Mulligan, as he tries to settle into a normal life after months on the run. Shortly after settling down, John becomes caught up with the carnival and sets out to save his "brainwashed" friends the Bowmans.

iStory Chapters edit

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