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Isaac Dead Series (painting)

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Isaac Dead Series (painting)
Paintings isaac dead series.jpg

First mentioned: Parasite
Owned by: Isaac Mendez
Current status: in Isaac's apartment

Isaac Mendez creates a series of five prophetic paintings that depicts his own death. In the paintings, the top of his head is cut off and his brain is removed. A gun sits next to his corpse.



After the death of Simone, Isaac asks Mr. Bennet what he should do, to which Mr. Bennet responds that he must paint. After searching the apartment for his hidden stash of heroin, Isaac shoots up and paints four canvases that depict gruesome images of his death. One canvas is left blank.


Isaac completes the fifth painting--an image of Sylar standing over Isaac's dead body. From across the room, Sylar admires Isaac's talent. Isaac turns around calmly, resigned to his fate.




  • During the montage of images from the series in Parasite, portions of the fifth painting were included, even though Isaac didn't paint it until .07%. The wide shot of the entire series correctly shows only the first four paintings plus a blank canvas.
  • According to an NBC auction of the painting of Sylar standing over Isaac, the piece measures 55" x 36" x 1".

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