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Arthur's drawings

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Arthur's drawings
Arthur's drawings.jpg
Some of Arthur's drawings lay in a pile on his table.

First mentioned: It's Coming
Owned by: Arthur Petrelli
Current status: At Pinehearst Headquarters

Arthur's drawings are drawn by Arthur Petrelli using his power of precognition. They have thus far all come true.


It's Coming

Arthur gathers drawing pencils and a sketchbook in his office as Tracy comes to speak with him. Later, he tests the precognitive ability that he stole from Peter--he draws an eclipse, and ominously declares, "It's coming."

The Eclipse, Part 1

Arthur creates several more drawings, all of which predict future events. They show Peter and Nathan falling in Haiti; Hiro, Ando and Matt in a corn field in Lawrence, Kansas; Mohinder Suresh in a cocoon; Elle and Sylar kissing passionately; and a severely-injured Claire lying stricken in Noah Bennet's arms. All of these events come true.


  • The art for Arthur's drawings was created by Tim Sale, who is also responsible for Isaac, Peter, Usutu's and Matt's artwork.
  • Arthur's prophecies are sketched rather than painted.


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