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Uluru is a formidable rock monster.

First mentioned: Genesis
Current status: The painting is in Isaac's apartment. Issue #13 of 9th Wonders! is in circulation.

Uluru the Invincible is the giant rock monster who appears in a painting by Isaac Mendez and is featured on Isaac's 9th Wonders! comic books. He has appeared to Isaac in a vision while Isaac was high on heroin.



Uluru is the subject of one of Isaac's paintings.

Uluru appears on the cover of the 9th Wonders! comic book, Issue #13, which Micah reads.

The same picture of Uluru is on Hiro's computer screensaver at Yamagato Industries.

One Giant Leap

Isaac gives Simone the painting of Uluru for her gallery - she does not accept it, saying that she believes that it will not sell.

Better Halves

D.L. mimics Uluru with a deep menacing voice after seeing Micah's 9th Wonders! comic book.

Graphic Novel:Isaac's First Time

While high on heroin, Isaac has a vision of Uluru. The rock monster menacingly stands over the painter asking, "Isaac? What have you done?"


Uluru appears on the cover of the 9th Wonders! comic book, Issue #13, which a male student at Union Wells High School reads.


A painting of Uluru with a red background appears in Isaac's loft as Peter quarrels with Isaac.


A black and white version of the Uluru painting appears in Isaac's loft.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

As Matt enters Isaac Mendez's loft, a painting of Uluru lies on a window shelf.

Graphic Novel:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Uluru appears the background of Micah's computer.


Mohinder explores his new lab and looks through some of Isaac's paintings. Two of the paintings are varying versions of the Uluru painting.


Daphne walks in front of a black-and-white painting of Uluru in Isaac's loft.

Shades of Gray

A 9th Wonders! poster of Uluru hangs on the wall at Sam's Comics.

I Am Sylar

As Hiro and Ando are ambushed by Danko's men, an unfinished painting of Uluru resides in Isaac's loft.

The Wall

Sylar gives Peter a copy of 9th Wonders!, Issue #13, with Uluru on the cover.

The Lion's Den

Dennis Collins's bedspread has a large picture of the rock monster. It says, "I fought Uluru."

Memorable Quotes

"Who dares to defy me?! I am Uluru the invincible!"

- Uluru (9th Wonders!, Issue #13)

"Isaac? What have you done?"

- Uluru (Isaac's First Time)



  • In an interview, Tim Sale said that he intended the painting of Uluru to resemble comic book covers illustrated by Jack Kirby. (See here for examples of old Kirby covers.)
  • Uluṟu is the indigenous Aboriginal name given to a rock formation in central Australia, which was renamed Ayers Rock by white settlers. Due to its composition, it is known for appearing to change color at different times of the day, ranging from red to rust to silvery grey.
    • Many aboriginal legends about the rock abound. One tells of warring serpent beings who scarred the rock. Another tells of two tribes of spirits who did not attend a feast they were invited to because they were diverted by beautiful Sleepy Lizard Women. A great battle ensued between these tribes and the offended hosts. Because of the bloodshed, the earth rose up in grief, forming Uluṟu. Another myth says that spirits of those who died on or around Uluṟu are bound to the area forever, and that those who take rocks from the formation are stealing and thus will be cursed for disturbing the spirits.
  • Isaac of Uluru, an Australian faith healer, is a character on the show Lost.


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