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World Splitting in Half

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World Splitting in Half
World Splitting In Half portal.jpg

First mentioned: The Second Coming
Owned by: Usutu and others
Current status: At least four versions exist

Several precogs paint versions of the World Splitting in Half.


The Second Coming

In Botswana, Matt happens upon a painting on a rock of the world splitting in two. This, he finds out, was created by Usutu.

In New York, a version of the painting exists on the side of a large building on a pier.

I Am Become Death

Future Peter takes Present Peter to a possible future in New York and shows him a version of the painting on the side of a building in an alleyway behind Peter's apartment.

Peter tries to convince Gabriel Gray of the world's impending doom by having him paint the future. Gabriel creates another version of the world splitting in half. However, since that future was averted, Gabriel's painting doesn't exist anymore.

It's Coming

Peter and Claire escape Peter's apartment. In the alleyway, Peter sees the same painting of the world splitting in half that he saw when he visited the future.

Our Father

As Peter and the Haitian drive through Manhattan to Fort Lee, a large building in front of the Empire State Building has a painting of the world splitting in half on it.



Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:World Splitting in Half for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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