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Invisibility Series (painting)

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Invisibility Series (painting)
Invisible painting portal.JPG

First mentioned: Distractions
Owned by: Isaac Mendez
Current status: in Isaac's apartment

Isaac Mendez creates a series of six prophetic paintings that depicts Peter's invisible whereabouts while he is under the tutelage of Claude Rains.

Paintings and their Realizations

Isaac's Work Realization
Painting prophecy invisible purse snatching.jpg Painting realized invisible purse snatching.jpg
Isaac paints an image of a flying purse.
An invisible Claude steals a woman's purse.
Painting prophecy invisible people.jpg Painting realized invisible people.jpg
Isaac paints a seemingly empty street corner.
Peter and Claude stand invisibly on a street corner.
Painting prophecy isaac simone.jpg Peter watches Simone and Isaac.jpg
Isaac paints himself and Simone on Charles Deveaux's rooftop.
Peter and Claude watch invisibly as Isaac and Simone embrace on the rooftop.
Painting prophecy taxi.jpg Painting realized taxi.jpg
Isaac paints an unseen object plummeting towards a parked taxi cab.
Peter plummets invisibly towards a parked cab.
Painting prophecy peter taxi.jpg Painting realized peter taxi.jpg
Isaac paints a partially-invisible Peter next to a smashed cab.
Peter recovers from his fall next to the smashed cab.
Painting prophecy rooftop.jpg Painting realized rooftop.jpg
Isaac paints footprints on Charles Deveaux's rooftop.
As Claude trains Peter on the rooftop, both are invisible.


Artwork edit
Artwork by artist

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