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Highway restaurant

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Highway restaurant
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Location: Unknown

Jason Pierce and Rachel Mills stop at an anonymous restaurant along the highway on the way back from the botched Howie Kaplan mission.

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Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Rachel Mills is driving back to headquarters with Jason Pierce from the botched Howie Kaplan operation when he asks if she is hungry. They then stops at an anonymous restaurant along the highway. Upon entering, they find the place crowded with drivers eating a late dinner. Tired kids, rumpled parents, and slumping truck drivers are among those eating. After getting seating, Rachel glances at her menu and comments that the place is not very good. However, Jason says it is perfect but he doesn't answer why. Their conversation is interrupted when they both spot a tall, dark, and pretty woman enter the restaurant wearing motorcycle leathers. Jason makes eye contact with the woman, but she doesn't seem to recognize him.

Jason then talks with Rachel and she puts her hands under the table. Rachel then turns to leave, but Jason grabs her hand to stop her. In response, Rachel shoves Jason into the burger and fries of a family of four next to them. The woman in motorcycle leathers then gets up off a stool at the counter and begins to approach them with a military-grade taser in her hands. Jason explains to Rachel that the woman is his sister, that she isn't of one of them, but is a pro, and asks Rachel to leave peacefully with him.

Next, Jason glances at the family whose dinner he messed up and notices they are staring back at him too blankly. Then, the youngest, an eight-year-old girl, falls from her chair onto the floor and drool trickles out of her mouth shocking him. Rachel and Jason notice that everyone in the room suddenly appear like they are asleep on their feet, and Janey's taser hits the floor with a thud. Behind Jason, a girl takes credit for what is happening, and Jason turns to see her. He guesses she is in her late teens, and notices she appears blonde, and wears a college sweatshirt turned inside out. While the girl talks with Rachel, Jason reaches towards his sister and threatens the girl. Rachel responds by aiming her gun at Jason, and the girl cries out her name. Jason then makes a half-turn back towards Rachel and gets shot by her. He raises his hands to his chest as he begins bleeding. Then everything fades to black for him. Rachel and the girl then clean up the scene and leave. The next day, the girl reveals to Rachel that her name is Anna.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel recalls shooting Jason in the restaurant and how Anna helped her. Later, Rachel reads a daily intelligence briefing and sees a report of her fight with Jason on page two. She reads that a dozen diners at the restaurant have reported blacking out during their dinner, and one woman was still in a coma. Continuing to read the briefing, Rachel notes to herself that witnesses mentioned a man and woman arguing beforehand, and that their descriptions of Jason and herself were very accurate. However, no one had said anything to her about it because the report claimed the incident occurred in Oregon. Rachel notes to herself that Oregon is not where the restaurant was located and guesses Rebel is likely responsible for that.

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