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Portrayed by Stephen Full
First appearance Better Halves
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Date of death October 6th 2006
Home Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Gambler

The lowlife was a gambler in Las Vegas, NV.

Character History

Better Halves

When the high roller takes Hiro and Ando to the high stakes private game, the lowlife is the 4th player at the table. When Ando accidentally finds that one of the players has a gun, he creates a diversion, and he and Hiro leave to go to the bathroom. While they are inside, Jessica arrives to kill the men she used to launder the money, and Hiro and Ando are left listening as the other poker players are torn to pieces.


  • It's not made explicit which gambler is Niki's money launderer, but presumably it's the host of the game. Whether that's the high roller, Ernie (the man with the gun), or the lowlife is not revealed.


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