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Cesar Lemus

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Cesar Lemus
Cesar Lemus.JPG
Title Storyboard Artist
Date of birth 16 March
Origin Orange County, CA, USA
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Cesar Lemus is a storyboard artist for Heroes and the Slow Burn webisodes. He has also done some conceptual drawings for the show. In the fourth season, Cesar also created the art for Lydia's changing tattoos and for several of the Sullivan Bros. Carnival banners.


Cesar Lemus has produced storyboards for the television shows Mercy Reef (directed by Greg Beeman and starring Rick Peters) and Aquaman (also directed by Greg Beeman). He has also worked for the films Wisteria: The Story of Albert Fish, Weapon of Choice, and Cover. Additionally, Cesar storyboarded a commercial for Sony.

Cesar's first comic book, WAX, was released in the summer of 2007. Cesar did the pencils and inks for the book.


  • Cesar has done storyboards for more than 14 episodes of Season One.
  • Cesar has worked with nine of the 13 directors from the first season--mostly with Greg Beeman and Allan Arkush.
  • Because Greg Beeman was once a storyboard artist, he will often do rough storyboards himself. Then Cesar redraws them with more details.


  • Cesar creates storyboards in various media: marker, pencil etc.
  • Cesar's first job (while he was still in art school) was for Hot Wheels.
  • In addition to storyboarding and working on comic books, Cesar sculpts and builds models.



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