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The Central Intelligence Agency is a U.S. government agency created in 1947 to collect and correlate foreign intelligence to protect the natural security of the United States of America.



After being abducted Matt Parkman asks Mr. Bennet if he works for the CIA. Mr. Bennet tells him he's "not part of any organization that has initials."

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 2

Mr. Bennet takes Hana Gitelman to Alaska to be trained at a secret facility. Hana's believes that Mr. Bennet is with the CIA and that she is being recruited into a special program.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 3

Hana again states that Mr. Bennet told her he was with the CIA.

Graphic Novel:Wireless, Part 4

Hana is captured in Tanzania and tells her captors that she is with the CIA. At the U.S. Embassy, an Embassy employee tells Hana that there is no record of her ever working for the CIA, nor of the Alaskan facility.


Lauren Gilmore reveals that after Primatech exploded, she joined the CIA.

Brave New World

When Samuel is taken away, Claire asks Noah if the people taking him away are from a new Company, but Noah tells her that it is an old company.

Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 2 of The Private, one of Rachel Mills's captors in Iran, Harry, informs Rachel that they thought that the CIA was surveilling her, but that now they don't know who was doing the surveillance.


In chapter 1 of Purpose, John Mulligan recalls that his former Primatech partner joined the CIA.


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