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Mercy Heights Hospital

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Mercy Heights Hospital
Mercy Heights Hospital.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Hospital

Peter, working as a paramedic, often takes patients to Mercy Heights Hospital.

Notable Employees

Notable Patients

Notable Visitors



After being saved by Peter, Christy is brought to the hospital where she gives birth to twins Haley and Katie. Later, Hesam admiringly teases ,Peter about his heroic deeds, but also warns him to balance his life.

Jump, Push, Fall

Peter and Noah bring the New York Federal Bank manager to the hospital after his back is sliced by Edgar. There, a nurse and doctor tend to the bank manager. Outside the hospital, Peter and Noah discuss a compass and Noah's next steps in the hunt for Edgar.


Peter goes to Emma's desk and asks for a report on "William Hooper". She does not speak and insists that he must write down his request before she will deal with it. As he fills out his request, he tells her that he's being sued. Peter then notices that her headphones are unplugged. She then realizes that he is talking to her. A moment late she sees a flash of light when she accidentally knocks her coffee mug off the desk. Peter helps her clear it up then goes to see the person who is sueing him. Peter and Samuel, who is using an alias, speak about family and loose ends and how Peter was neglegent and dislocated his arm.

Later, Emma meets with a doctor at the hospital and tells her that she's been seeing lights. The doctor notes that her eyes are fine but she might be suffering from synesthesia, a crossover of senses, which in Emma's case means perceiving sounds as colors.

Later, Peter is working when Hesam comes in and asks if he's being sued. He tells Peter that "Hooper" was one of the victims and tells him that some people think he is setting the accidents up.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Edgar stands outside the hospital watching Noah and Peter examine a compass.


Nathan comes to see Peter at the hospital. Nathan shows Peter his newly found telekinesis and tells him about all the other powers he can now use. They then speak about the past and Nathan leaves.

Hysterical Blindness

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Graphic Novel:Amanda's Journey, Part 1

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Tabula Rasa

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The hospital deals with a massive influx of patients from a train crash with the whole staff on alert dealing with many patients. Four are brought in by Peter Petrelli and Hesam healed enough by Peter that their injuries are much less serious. One doctor is so busy that he doesn't have time to suture a leg wound and asks Emma to keep pressure on it when he learns that she knows how to do that and to let another doctor or nurse know that it needs to be sutured. Emma, a former medical student, sutures the wound herself after seeing a fallen suture kit nearby. Later, a little girl named Megan collapses in a supply closet of a pnuemothorax and is saved by the efforts of Peter and Emma before being presumably checked into the hospital.

The Fifth Stage

Angela shows up to dissuade Peter from going after Sylar to get Nathan back. Peter refuses, taking a bag full of drugs with him and meets up with René, from whom he replicates mental manipulation. Later, in the elevator, Sylar, disguised as Nurse Hammer, takes Peter to an empty floor of the hospital where construction is being done and attacks him, taking his bag of drugs away from him. Peter hides and then sneaks up on Sylar while blocking his powers and hits him from behind with a board. The two fight and Peter nails Sylar to the floor and manages to help Nathan regain control. The two then leave the hospital.

Upon This Rock

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Brave New World

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  • In reality, there is no "Mercy Heights Hospital" in New York City.
  • According to a letter Emma receives, the hospital is located at the corner of East 57th and Lexington in Manhattan.

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