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Luke and Joanne's victims

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Luke and Joanne's victims
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The latest evo support group meeting doesn't end well.

First occurrence: Brave New World

Consumed by a desire to avenge their son, Luke Collins and his wife Joanne have been responsible for the deaths of numerous victims.

List of Luke's Victims


Other Victims

  • Joanne Collins -- Knowing his wife is going too far, Luke shoots a stream of flames at Joanne. However, Tommy Clark instinctively freezes time and while time is frozen, pushes Luke's fire stream away from Joanne. Tommy then teleports away with Emily Duval, causing Luke and Joanne to miss both of their victims. Joanne then flees before Luke can catch her, getting away with the help of M. F. Harris. (Sundae, Bloody Sundae) When confronting Joanne at Union Wells High School, Luke shoots her in the arm to make her drop her gun before switching to his powers. (Company Woman)
  • Angry people on the highway -- When people on a highway threaten Malina for being an evo, Luke shoots a stream of flames at them to force them to back away. However, the fear he instills only lasts for so long and he and Malina are eventually forced to flee. (11:53 to Odessa)
  • Phoebe Frady -- Luke pistol-whips her to stop her powers and threatens to kill her. However, Quentin and Malina talk him down and he takes her and her brother captive instead. (Send in the Clones) Luke later tries to shoot Phoebe, but she manages to escape. (Company Woman)
  • Quentin Frady -- Luke shoots Quentin in the arm and steals his car. He later tells Quentin that Joanne had wanted to kill Quentin but Luke talked her out of it. (Odessa)(Send in the Clones) In a cornfield, Luke enters a standoff with Quentin, threatening to kill him if he doesn't surrender. After a tense standoff, Quentin surrenders and Luke takes him captive. He later intends to execute Quentin and his sister Phoebe in the woods near Primatech where Phoebe had a hand in killing his son, but Phoebe escapes and Quentin gets his gun. However, Quentin changes sides and Luke relents in his attempts to kill Quentin, letting Quentin join him in protecting Malina instead. (Send in the Clones)(Company Woman)

List of Joanne's Victims


Other Victims

List of Luke and Joanne's Victims


  • Agent Stevens -- After killing the other Primatech staff, either Luke or Joanne shoots Stevens and leaves him to die. (Odessa)
  • At least 11 Primatech guards and workers -- When Luke and Joanne come across a room full of computer monitors and armed guards in Primatech, Joanne starts shooting, prompting her husband to do the same. (Odessa)



  • In the EBook novelization, it is Luke who kills Sue Grandry, not Joanne.
  • In the deleted scenes on the Heroes Reborn DVD, an extended version of the gunfight from Odessa is shown, revealing that Luke executed a wounded but still alive worker on Level 5. The deleted scene also reveals that Agent Stevens was actually hit and killed by his own people as they shot at Luke and Joanne.
  • When Joanne shoots at Malina but hits Farah instead, she fires her gun at her twice, seeming to hit her both times. However, when Jose removes the bullet, he only removes one.

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