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Sylar's watch

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Sylar's watch
Sylar's watch face.jpg
Gabriel Gray's nom de crime is inspired by the Sylar watch.

First mentioned: Seven Minutes to Midnight
Owned by: Sylar
Current status: Broken, in Sylar's possession

Sylar's watch is an analog watch with a cracked face.


Seven Minutes to Midnight

At the Burnt Toast Diner, Sylar is wearing a broken watch which reads 11:53.

When Mohinder dreams of his father's death, the same watch is shown smashing against the cab's window. The face of the watch cracks, freezing the hands at 11:53—seven minutes to midnight.


Sylar wears his watch to Union Wells Homecoming.

Six Months Ago

Chandra Suresh visits Gray & Sons, a watchmaker's shop in Brooklyn. Inside, Gabriel Gray is working to restore a vintage German watch from 1917 he's been repairing for seven years.

Later, after Chandra decides to no longer continue testing Gabriel for signs that he's an evolved human, Gabriel summons another of Chandra's potential subjects, Brian Davis, to his shop. Glancing at the face of the watch he has repaired, he decides to abandon his old life for good, and introduces himself as "Sylar" — the maker's name on the watch.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Sylar's watch reads 8:30 as he arrives at Zane Taylor's home in Virginia Beach.

The Kindness of Strangers

When Maya asks for his name, Sylar glances at his broken watch, but calls himself "Gabriel Gray".

I Am Become Death

Four years in the future, Peter Petrelli comes to Sylar for his ability. Sylar, who now goes by his real name Gabriel, tells Peter that in order to access his ability, he must first fix his watch and figure out how it works. Peter does this successfully.

Once Upon A Time In Texas

Charlie calls the watch a "Sylar Field Edition" which was modeled after a Russian watch brought back to America by an Allied commander named John Pershing.

Heroes Evolutions

Gemini: Heroes Reborn

At the Quarry, Cassandra Hays finds a copy of Sylar's watch.



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