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iStory:The Civilian/chapter 503 alternatives

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This page notes the different possible versions of chapter 3 of The Civilian.

All cases (I)

Rachel heads out for her morning jog and encounters Tim, who tries to ask her something. Rachel becomes annoyed and yells at Tim, scaring him. Tim runs back to his house, making Rachel feel bad for hurting his feelings. When she returns home from the jog, Rachel goes to sit down on the couch. She is met by a stranger, who she tackles to the floor. She pins him down and demands to know who he is. At that moment, Tim walks in. After seeing Rachel entangled on the floor with another man, he becomes visibly upset and leaves. The man then introduces himself as Marc, a friend of Leona's.

Rachel tells Marc that she wants nothing to do with Building 26 or its former prisoners but Marc insists that she has to help him. Rachel throws him out and tells him not to come back. After dressing for work, she comes back down stairs and sees Tim waiting at the door. She apologizes for earlier and Tim tells her that it is ok. He then begins to compliment her, acting much more confident and charming. Rachel spots Marc on her front lawn and pushes past Tim, demanding to know what he did. Marc explains that he can alter a person's health, be it mental, physical or emotional. Tim, seeing Rachel ignoring him, goes back home. Rachel then heads back to her house.

Options (I)

At Rachel's home, Rachel is sitting in her room. She notes that the bed is made with military precision, and that there's a laptop and a phone on her desk. The player can have Rachel go over to her desk, or go into the living room.


  • In order to successfully reach the chapter conclusion, the player should, when faced with options, choose to drive into town and head towards the police station, chat with Chief Parker (Option 1B.4A.2A), check Rachel's inbox (Option 1B.4A.2B), head back to Rachel's home and talk with Tim about the stuff in the inbox (Option 1B.3C), head back into town and go to Lyneboro School to investigate the set of keys found in the inbox (Option 1B.4F), head to the park and confront the teenagers about what she found in the school lockers (Option 1B.4A.2B), return to the park that night to interrupt the meet (Option 1B.4A.3A), and follow that path, after which is the chapter conclusion.

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