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Chandra's journal

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Chandra's journal
Chandra's journal.jpg
Mohinder peruses Chandra's journal.

First mentioned: One Giant Leap
Owned by: Chandra Suresh
Current status: held by Mohinder Suresh

The journal is a small book in which Chandra Suresh recorded some of his research.


One Giant Leap

Eden McCain discovers the journal inside a drive bay of Chandra's laptop when his son Mohinder angrily throws it across the room. Inside, the book contains a number of pages detailing suspected evolved humans Chandra had investigated, some with blood or other DNA samples attached. Also inside was an address for Sylar in Queens, and a key taped to a page.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mohinder takes the journal with him when he returns to India for his father's funeral. While leafing through it, he sees the key again. Later, a strange dream leads him to try the key in his father's desk drawer in his office at Chennai University, leading him to discover Sanjog's file.


Known Dates

  • On February 16, 1971, Chandra wrote an entry about an 87-year-old woman (Journal female 3) from Lobatse, Botswana. She was unaware that he acquired a fingernail from her while she slept. Chandra believed she may have been telepathic.
  • On March 15, 1971, Chandra wrote an entry about a 22-year-old Malaysian woman (Journal female 1) from Palu, Indonesia. Attached to the entry is a toenail clipping that Chandra acquired from the woman's manicurist (whom she saw about every five days). Chandra suspected her power was "transportation". At the bottom of the entry next to a picture of a foot, he wrote a Hindi word—"nirala", which translates to "unique".
  • On October 17, 1978, Chandra wrote an entry about a woman (Journal female 4) from New Canaan, Connecticut, of Polish/Russian descent. Attached is a strand of red hair that she willingly gave to Chandra. He believed her power was clairvoyance.
  • On April 23, 1981, Chandra wrote an entry about a man (Journal male 2) from Chilpancingo, Mexico. Chandra saw the man a few rows ahead of him at the local theater. Chandra used his handkerchief to secretly wipe up a specimen from the man. Chandra believed his power to be transportation.
  • On March 12, 1986, Chandra wrote an entry about a man (Journal male 3) with ties to Sweden. Chandra approached him and tried to engage him in a conversation. Chandra asked him the time, and the man looked at his watch and began to laugh. This behavior seemed odd to Dr. Suresh. The man informed Chandra that it was 4:20 in the afternoon. Since the man was so "out of it", Chandra decided to get the sample as quickly as he could.
  • On August 2, 1988, Chandra wrote an entry about a woman (Journal female 5) from Madison, CA. Chandra noted, "I was hired at the dry cleaning store in subjects [sic] hometown. When she dropped off her laundry I went to search through the bag to get a few samples of (her hair?)". Chandra believed her power to be telepathy.
  • On February 12, 2005, Chandra wrote an entry about a 13-year-old Colombian girl (Journal female 2) from Marabá, Brazil. She was Brazil's greatest wrestler; Chandra noted, "It was as if she knew every move that her opponent was going to make before they made it." Attached to the entry is what appears to be a small blood-soaked piece of paper.

Unknown Dates


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