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The following fan theories are about Usutu.

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Theory Citations Notes
Usutu was not born with the ability of precognition; he gained it artificially. None + Matt Parkman seems to enter a trance after consuming Usutu's paste, and then listening to Usutu's Walkman. Usutu might use the same paste to make his drawings. (I Am Become Death)

+ After death, Usutu seems to be 'passing on' his gift of precognition to Matt somehow. Thus, it is likely that Usutu originally got his ability artificially from an older precog.

- BTE explained that Matt is using telepathy to reach the same realm of consciousness as precogs do when they paint/dream.
Part of Usutu's ability is to allow others to experience his visions. Matt Parkman has a vision of the future after eating Usutu's paste and listening to his walkman. (Episode:I Am Become Death) - Since Usutu's visions have been mainly focused on Matt, perhaps only Matt is able to experience them. This might also only be possible because of Matt's telepathy.

+ The food and walkman may only be necessary to put Matt's mind in the right state of consciousness, much like Isaac's heroin, but Usutu is able to access his ability without them. Matt may have to be in Usutu's presence to channel his vision.

Usutu let Arthur kill him for a reason. None + Usutu can see the future. It would be possible that he can see that letting Arthur kill him would be for the greater good.
+ This would be parallel to Isaac in Season One, where he painted his death by Sylar's hand and so accepted it, seeing it through the scope of all the events he saw.

- Arthur is much stronger than Hiro was. Usutu would need more than a shovel to stop him.
- Arthur could have used telepathy to block Usutu's visions.
- Usutu appeared to see many visions, but was mostly focused on Matt Parkman. He could have seen a vision of Matt instead of the one he needed of Arthur in order to stop him.

Usutu is a spirit guide. In Dual, Matt sees him after Daphne and Hiro return. - Usutu was visibly beheaded by Arthur in It's Coming, suggesting a physical body.
+ Usutu could have become a spirit guide after his physical body's destruction.

Matt might have been telepathically connected to Usutu when he died, allowing him to experience Usutu's ghost through visions.

- If that's true, Matt would know that Usutu is dead.
Usutu has some connection to Uluru. None + Their names are very similar.
- So are Matt Neuenberg's and Matt Parkman's.
Matt is a common first name. Uluru and Usutu are not.
Usutu's mention of "the dark son rises" is a reference to Gabriel or Peter. Usutu speaks this in Eris Quod Sum. + This is potentially double-speak, and literally could mean the "Dark Son"
- He could have said "sun" and not "son", meaning an eclipse.

- It could also refer to Nathan, who is Peter's brother, turning "dark". Nathan "rises" when he uses his ability to fly.

- Or it could mean Nathan rising to power, not flying. (A Clear and Present Danger)
- Nathan has turned good again. (Cold Snap)

+ In An Invisible Thread, Sylar has become Nathan, becoming a metaphorical "dark son" and rising to power.
- Usutu's words were, "Evil forces gather. The dark sun/son rises. Soon, it will be too late". He was clearly referring to Arthur and his team.

Usutu's ability was actually telepathy. Matt is a telepath and developed precognitive skills. + BTE said regarding Charles Deveaux, "For those who have complete control of telepathy – death may never be as final as it may seem". Usutu died, but still appeared to Matt.
- It could be Matt's own subconscious reaching out to him via his ability, he's the one alive, Usutu could be simply a metaphor for something else.
+ Such a thing wasn't observed anywhere else.
- It doesn't mean it can't happen.

+ Usutu said he had the same problems with his destiny to be a prophet as Matt. (A Clear and Present Danger)

- Regarding seeing the future, not reading people's minds.
He wasn't explicit about what he had problems with.

+ Matt was never shown to read Usutu's mind. Could it be because Usutu made him not to?

- Matt never tried to read Usutu's mind.
- Matt felt no need to read Usutu's mind.
- Usutu never gave Matt a reason to read his mind.
+ When Matt appeared in Africa, he tried to read someone's mind, but he couldn't find anyone, while Usutu was there, coming after Matt.
- Usutu could still be out of Matt's reach when Matt searched for someone.

+ Usutu knew Hiro was behind him when the latter was about to hit him with a shovel (Eris Quod Sum). Even though he was a precog, he didn't have eyes in the back of his head to know the exact moment when he should speak.

- Precogs "watch" the future as they paint it (Collision). Having had precognition for most of his life, Usutu could have remembered what he saw, not only depending on his paintings.
+ Still doesn't explain how he knew Hiro was behind him.
- By remembering what he saw in the future, he knew how and when to act in the present.
- Arthur knew when the eclipse would happen, and had just acquired precognition. There was no indication of when it would happen, but he knew nonetheless.
Arthur saw Usutu's painting of the eclipse, no powers involved.
After painting the eclipse himself, he stated when it would happen, though there was no indication in his drawings.
Mohinder predicted the eclipse.
Mohinder commented about abilities manifesting during the last eclipse, he never said there would be another eclipse. Mohinder only started working with eclipse effects after Arthur ordered him to.
- Just before Hiro stabbed Sylar (How to Stop an Exploding Man), Sylar's eyes went white, though he didn't paint, meaning precogs don't have to paint in order to see the future, painting is merely a way of "recording" it.
+ Usutu had to see present, not the future.
- The realm from which precogs draw when they paint could have affected him in other ways, maybe a knack for knowing when things he foresaw would happen.
Usutu is related with the journal female 3. None + Both live in the same country.
- Just because two people are from the same country doesn't mean they are related.

+ Both are evolved humans.

+ They have similar abilities.
+ Peter and Arthur are related and have similar abilities.
- Hiro and Ishi are also related but don't have similar abilities.

+ She could be his grandmother.

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