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User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/List of abilities

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List of Confirmed Abilities

Power Possessed by Absorbed by
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Ability replication Marc Velson
The ability to replicate one ability at a time through physical contact
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Electric manipulation Melissa Page
The ability to create and direct electrical arcs
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Fire breathing Sarah Malvin
The ability to breathe out fire
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Flight Marc Velson
The ability to propel oneself through the air
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Forcefields Oscar
The ability to create and manipulate forcefields
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Freezing Ted Noax
Max Anderson
The ability to reduce temperatures and freeze objects by force of will
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Hydro Manipulation Julia
Control the water
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Luminescence‎ Bianca Linus
Emit light from oneself
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Mental control Rachel Harrington
The ability to make an individual re-experience forgotten or past memories and to erase memories
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Microwave emission Arthur Download
Emit microwaves
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Pyrokinesis Max Anderson
Libby Gold
The ability to create and control fire using the power of the mind
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Rapid cell regeneration Jill Malvin
The ability to heal wounds quickly without any scarring
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Sand Manipulation Vilson
Turn things into sand
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Space-time manipulation Dylan Talbot
Alter the space-time continuum
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Super Speed Chris Douglas
The ability to move at a higher rate than normal
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Telekinesis Theresa Thompson
The ability to move objects with the mind
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Telepathy Marc Velson
The ability to mentally control functions of the brain
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Teleportation Robert Malvin
The ability to instantly move between two locations
User:Adamhiro/Life Choice/Water mimicry Tom Peterson
The ability to mimic water

List of Non-Demonstrated Abilities

These abilities have been attributed to various characters, but the ability has never been demonstrated by the character.

Potential Power3 Person Location Source
Empathy Alexandra Smith New York City, NY

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